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What is a Vlogger? A Vlogger is a software utility that allows users with web cameras to create and view videos and multimedia content on the Internet. Users can record themselves talking, acting, or making something interesting in their homes. It is similar to a digital recorder but more convenient since it can capture the video while it is being recorded.

Vlogger Go ViralWith the latest Apk versions of Google Android and Blackberry Mobile, users now have a free Vlogger Go tool to increase their viewer base. If you are unfamiliar with this term, Vlogger is an online video blog. They are becoming very popular with bloggers and podcasters because they are easy to use. Anyone with a web camera and an internet connection can create viral videos without technical knowledge. The videos generally cover health/fitness, home/family, technology, hobbies, and social/arts.

Many of these sites profit from advertisements, but Vlogger Go Viral has no ads. Ordinary people created them just like you and me, who wanted to share their thoughts and passions. J. Stephen Lanning, the guy behind YouTube and GlowBox, created it.

The basic tools are a Vlogger and a video camera. After installing both, you record a short video using your camera. You then upload the video to YouTube using your Vlogger Go. They allow you to turn your computer into a mini platform and stream the video to your TV. The software also allows you to add music and photos to the videos. This has proved useful for those making quick, fun videos to promote a product, service, or personal interest.

Vlogger Go viral videos are listed at over 20 million YouTube videos as of writing this article. I have personally made over one hundred videos using this software. I invite you to check them out and join the fun!

While it may seem obvious, I encourage you to take full advantage of this marketing technique and use it to explode your online presence. When my Gopro camera first arrived, I never expected it to go viral. But it did, and it was the best marketing tool I have ever had. I advise you to follow the same path and go viral as soon as possible.

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