How Personalized Medals Are Made?

The personalized medals speak a lot about the value and importance of the award given to the recipient. There are hundreds of companies who are providing the medals personalized according to our choices. You can choose the type of engraving on the medal from various options, including edge marking, plating, color enamel, personalized engraving, and more. The medal size is another criterion – medallion (diameter of 3), medalet (one inch in diameter), and medal, large, small, in-between medals. When you approve the detailed designs, distinct shapes, and crispy finishes to the vendor, you must also know the detailed process of the medal making.


  • Once the detailed design is given, the experts do a virtual artwork of the image and say the company’s logo is printed on the medal. Note, the image provided should be in high-resolution.
  • The skilled artisans and craftsmen create the steel dies used for the medal design. The corporate logos are generally replicated using 2D dies, and for portraits or landscapes, they use 3D dies.
  • The silver is melted in an induction furnace where introduces an alternating magnetic field inducing electric eddy currents causing adequate heat to melt it. This process eliminates the impurities when they are heated.
  • The billet is created. A billet is formed from the molten silver when powered into cylindrical molds to cool down. These billets are heated again about 15-39 minutes to ~1000 degrees . In the case of gold, it is cast into flat molds.
  • After reaching the massive machine called an extruder, the billets are converted into strips pushing the metal into a narrow slot under high pressure.
  • When they get cooled, the strips are then trimmed with a hydraulic shearer’s help, followed by rolling. The thin strips are fed into the rolling machine under high-pressure to achieve proper specifications. With a micrometer, the thickness is measured precisely.
  • Then the strips are sent to the ‘blanking’ press, which is responsible for creating the medal’s final size shape.
  • Then they are fed into a vibratory finishing machine, which has a lot of tiny ball bearing with a solution of soap and warm water, for the ultimate polishing and removing the rough spots.
  • With up to 1500 tons of hydraulic pressure, the metal flows into the small parts of the die with each strike.
  • Last but never least, final touches are given to the personalized medals according to the customer’s required specifications.

About Fia Medals

FIA stands for Factory of Artistic Insignias; this company was created in 1928. Since then, they have been creating stunning custom medals. FIA deals with stamping precious metals and bronze awards for many organizations.

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