Top ways to improve WordPress website SEO

With the rising use of the internet, search engine optimization has become the guru of online marketing. SEO is a way to ease your job of driving traffic to your site. Sources say that 75% of the people don’t go beyond the 1st page. So, it is essential to improve your website’s SEO and get it ranked. Just have a glance to find out the ways to increase traffic to your site,


Producing user-friendly content

Though you have deeply researched content, it may not fetch the expected reach. This may be because of a lack of user-friendliness in your content. Make sure your content is easily readable and is of high quality. Also, create plagiarism-free content.

Use keywords in your content to increase the online visibility of your site. However, avoid the stuffing of keywords. But make use of them wherever necessary and relevant. Let your content be focused on the target audience.

Employ heading tags in your post. It helps separate ideas put together in a single position. WordPress provides several titles that help your content appear catchy and attractive.
Ace your permalinks

Permalinks or URLs are key in fetching enormous traffic to your site. So concentrating on developing it is mandatory. Things to be noted while working on your permalink structure are as follows.

  • Change your settings from default permalinks to any other option of your choice. Default permalinks end up creating a site link that contains odd characters. So, could you change it to post name or day and name?
  • Keep your title short and crisp. The smaller, the better. According to Google, a permalink with a title containing 5 to 10 words helps surfers easily remember your site.
  • Remember to use hyphens and avoid underscore as much as possible because Google recognizes underscores as characters, not spaces.
  • Always use a lowercase in your permalink.

Play well with your sitemaps.

Sitemaps make sure that the Google bot understands the direction of your post and website. It also helps in the speedy loading of your site.

Nowadays, several WordPress plugins help you with it. These plugins create a site automatically and assist you in organizing it as well. A few popular plugins include,

  • Yoast SEO
  • All-in-one SEO pack
  • Google XML sitemaps and so on

These plugins support Google Analytics, generate meta tags, and offer several other services.

Work on WordPress themes.

No one likes to wait while the site gets loaded. The speed that a site takes to load also affects your ranking. So, choosing an SEO-friendly theme from WordPress is an important task. The presence of numerous service providers is a huge advantage. Check out the demos and available free SEO prices, and choose the best one.

A few among them are

  • SEO lounge
  • SEO crawler
  • Photo
  • Schema
  • Genesis and several others.

Let it be shared.

Social media entirely fuels today’s world. So, making your post easily shareable is another important aspect of increasing your traffic.

So, add social media sharing options or buttons to your post. So viewers can share instantly. Thus, the need for link-building arises.

Focusing on brand awareness is also indispensable. About 90% of people read online reviews, recommended links, and posts on social media sites. So, providing links to your site can easily bring in many people.
Maximize links and images.

At times, a particular post of yours might become viral. In that case, adding your previous post links to your viral content can bring about a shoot-up in traffic to other positions. Make it a point to link your old posts to your new ones.

Including images acts as an add-on to your site. Be sure that you pick images that are already search engine optimized. Images attract readers and help them stay connected with you till the end.

Don’t make the common mistake of uploading random pictures in your content. Images should have some connection to the content. Sites which you may look for when in need of ideas are,

  • Unsplash
  • Foster
  • Pixabay

Focus on webpage hosting

Select a good webpage host. Choose a host that offers you better service and uninterrupted speed.
The selection of webpage hosts depends on your own needs and requirements. They help maintain your HTML documents, list your webpage, etc. Web hosting enables you to save time worrying about other things while your hosting service provider takes care of things like content and backlink management. Web hosting allows you to save time worrying about other things while your hosting service provider takes care of stuff like content and backlink management. Some of the popular ones are listed below,

  • Blue host – considered to be the most reliable one
  • HostGator cloud – best cloud hosting
  • Small orange – it’s quite expensive but extremely reliable.
  • A2 hosting – fast shared host

The above hosts differ both in price and services rendered. Several others provide an equally good service. Remember to check on the SEO prices also.

Saying no to spam comments

As your blog post becomes popular, you must have good control over comments, pingbacks, and trackbacks. It is good to keep your trackbacks turned off. Identify spam and moderate it. You can also make use of plugins such as,

  • Akismet- It is a service provided by WordPress that segregates spam and collects it into a separate folder.
  • G.A.S.P- This plugin helps you identify a bot.
  • Commentluv- It is not a comment moderator but helps in it. It allows viewers to comment along with their blog links.

To sum up, the above points will help get your website ranked easily. There are hundreds of SEO tools offered by WordPress. Proper knowledge about using them will take your site to great heights within seconds. Simple things matter a lot. Go with content that your audience expects. So why wait? Start working on it right away.

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