Understanding the Benefits and Durability of Steel Framed Rig Mats

When you require moving and setting up heavy equipment such as large tanks and oil rigs in muddy conditions, you should rest assured that Northern Mats & Bridge would cater to your specific needs with steel frame rig mats. It could be suitable for your specific needs in the best manner possible. On the same note, the crane mats’ load-bearing capability has been deemed relatively much tougher and durable. It would be pertinent to mention here that rig mats would be made available in several configurations and designs.

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The rig mats are the lightest and strongest heavy-duty mats available in the market. You could carry your heaviest equipment, cranes, and rigs. It could handle almost everything heavy. The rig mats have been tested in rugged terrains and the toughest climates. These mats have been a choice of stable and safe platforms, quick access, and significant savings in the setup, mobilization, and tear down.

Understanding the steel-framed rig mats

Let us begin with understanding the steel-framed rig mats. A rig mat would be more of a colloquial term that refers to all kinds of access mat design. It would be pertinent to mention here that the matting industry would not be strictly regulated. Consequently, terminology along with the names for a few types of mats would be relatively different. It would be dependent on the respective industry and the geographic location. It would also be dependent on the geographic location in the industry.

Also, there would be a lack of formal standards in the design and construction of the mat. However, several kinds of actual names, mat designs, and sizes have been adopted to keep standard. It would be pertinent to mention here that no specific standards have been known to exist as such. You would come across several names for the available matting solutions.

Benefits of the steel-framed rig mats

They have adequate experience of practical on-site manufacturing and designing experience. They would cater to you with a wide variety of mats and customized fabrication of tanks, line crossings, and bins.

Find below some of the benefits offered by the steel-framed rig mats.

  • Innovative design

The mats have been made with highly improved and state of the art design. The mats would be tested against the traditional three-beam mats, hybrid mats, and more. It would be pertinent to mention here that the mats would be approximately a thousand pounds stronger and lighter.

The mats would be manufactured in similar sizes and thicknesses. The traditional rig mats would ensure that they have been made compatible with the existing mats in your fleet. The lighter mats would be the result in considerable cost savings in freight and shipping costs.

However, using the highly innovative design and engineering, the mats have been given increased lifespan dramatically. They would offer you with access mat without nails and bolts. It would be a fraction of the weight of the other available mats but relatively stronger. They would also provide you with similar kinds of steel-framed mats with the same specifications but relatively lower.

What are the matting solution benefits offered by the rig mats?

It will help if you rest assured that matting solutions have been known to create a work platform to take on the heaviest machinery. It would also help you create a clean and safe working environment for the workers. It would also enable you for safe and quick rig setting up and tearing down the process.

In the event of the mats being used for accessing remote sites and drill sites, it would be pertinent to mention here that the stable but temporary solutions would prevent it from causing permanent damage to the local environment. You would make the most of the considerable savings in the reclamation costs with little disturbance done to the environment. In return, the environment would get back to the natural state in a quick manner.

Determining the durability of rig mats

In case you were unaware, the durability of rig mats would be determined by the weight and thickness of steel in the frame. The kind of wood used in the construction of the mat would also help determine the mat’s durability. The steel frame rig mats would be built using specialized features. These would make sure that you get the ease of usage and convenience of installation.

Find below a few important features to help you make the rig mats durable:

  • Gusseted frame joints
  • Notched boards to help it fit easily for providing a smooth working surface.
  • Closer fitted mat placements using square end caps
  • Side beam shackles

The rig mats would make a relatively cost-effective oil field mat combination with other available cheaper options. For instance, the usage of steel frame rig mats for the construction mat base would be making use of oak mats to access the mud matting needs. It would not be wrong to suggest that rig mats would cater to you with strong support for cumbersome equipment.

Use of steel-framed rig mats

The rig mats have also been called by several names, based on the industry or the region. It has also been termed mud mats. Let us delve into the use of mud mats.

The mats could be used for accessing construction sites, parks, golf courses, agriculture, and other sensitive and soft ground conditions where you need vehicle access. They would be controlled on various swampy and muddy grounds and driven over without getting stuck, rutting, or tracking mud off-site.

The mats would comprise double-wall, pocketed, high strength fabric using high tensile reinforcing ribs that have been confined within every sleeve. It would enable you for ease of deployment along with providing structural stability. The pressure caused by the tires of the vehicles would be reduced to nearly 40 times. It would cause a minimal ground disturbance.

The mats have been portable and easy to handle and install by two people. It would also be easier to remove and roll out or roll up the mats.

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