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Top 5 tips to cope with college thesis writing deadlines

All of us have encountered deadlines very early in our lives. Whether it was in grammar school, high school or college deadlines are imposed on us, and most of us have struggled with them. Lousy time management skills and procrastination very often resulted in last minute, panic-driven work that was not as good as we wanted it to be. Although most of the students do not like deadlines the truth is that they are good. They provide structure and create accountability. The point is that people who learn to love them are successful. The bad thing is that at college level those deadlines become numerous and hard to cope with. Tus most students seek for that last-minute project or thesis help. Here are some useful tips that will help struggling college students to cope with essay writing deadlines.

  • Make your own “phantom deadline”

The first thing you need to do is to determine something I like to call a “phantom deadline”. This is simply a deadline that you impose on yourself and it should be a couple of days, or maybe a week depending on the essay, earlier than the original one. This is important because it will give you some wiggle room in case something goes wrong. Of course, in order for this technique to work, you will need to take your “phantom deadline” seriously and treat it as if it was a real one. Mastering this technique can make you a professional dissertation writer.



You probably heard before that a large task can always be done more easily if it is separated into smaller pieces. Well, it is true, and this theory can be used with essays. Divide your essay into paragraphs and assign each one of them a certain amount of time to finish it depending on the overall timeframe. The important thing is to treat these “mini-deadlines” seriously also because failing to meet one of them makes it harder to make the next one, which further makes it harder to meet the final one.

  • Be a couple of steps ahead

If you think that that key to meeting deadlines is encountering each task as it comes then you are wrong. The key is to plan your work in advance, and practically be a couple of steps ahead of yourself. This is the way of professional writers in MyEssayGeek. If you plan your activities appropriately and take in count any possible problems, you will be fully prepared to handle every potential crisis that comes your way.

  • Use technology to organize yourself

It goes without saying that good organization and time management is crucial for meeting essay writing deadlines. Well in this day of age, with the technology reaching its peak, and smartphones and tablets becoming an integral part of our everyday life there is no excuse not to be organized. Use cloud-based storage to have access to your essay at any place and time. Also, use task-list apps and notifications to create your workflow and reminders. You can sync them with all of your devices and that way there is no way you will forget or have trouble with finding something.

  • Stimulate yourself with rewards

Although this seems like a funny thing to do believe me it most definitely is not! This is a great technique for those students who lack in self-discipline that is necessary with meeting deadlines. These students do not worry if they miss a mini-deadline or two and will procrastinate until it becomes certain they will not reach the deadline, and then they start to panic. To avoid this, you can reward your self after each mini-deadline with a thing that you love. It can be anything: a night out with your friends, a box of chocolates, or anything that makes you happy and relaxed. The crucial thing is to activate these rewards exclusively after the mini-deadline is met.

There you have it, 5 simple tips that will surely help you with meeting those nasty deadlines, and apart from that prepare you for the business world that is full of them. Who knows, maybe some of you will be encouraged to enter the growing world of freelancing and start your writing careers from home.

Essay Writing Golden Rules

While in high school, students were not used to writing essays as it was not a mandatory task. Once in college, however, it becomes mandatory and ends up being a huge challenge to many. Since it is required of them, students cannot choose to ignore writing as it reflects immensely on their overall performance. While some struggle to become skilled and proficient writers, others rely on essay writing services from essays for sale writing companies. Some students get to learn how to write their essays whereas others choose to be dependent on these companies. It is fundamental that every student learns how to write their articles as it will prepare them well for their exams.

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Students need to take heart and understand that essay writing is not as difficult as they presume it to be. Through practice and continuous exercise, one not only gets to grow and develop as a writer but also gets to enhance their communication skills. As a student, you can seek exercises from your lecturers or professors, or you can ask for essay samples from essay writing companies. This is a good start to steady progress in becoming a professional writer. Secondly, you need to fully comprehend the essay writing guidelines as essay writing is not similar to writing a story or a poem. This will equip you with the essay writing golden rules you need to follow. To grow and develop as a proficient writer, below are some from Perfect Essays team tips on writing an effective essay you need to consider.

  • Create a captivating introduction. The introduction is essential in an essay as it familiarizes your readers to your paper. Additionally, it shows the focus of your essay. For the audience to comprehend and appreciate what your article is about, they first need to go through your introductory paragraph. Therefore, you need to create a captivating introduction. An introduction should always begin with a strong hook, and its purpose is to capture the readers’ eyes and also arouse their interest to read your article further. A thesis statement is also an essential part of an introduction. Always include it in the introduction and make sure that it holds enough to reveal to the audience what you wish to focus on.
  • Add your voice.  When writing your article, your audience ought to understand what you are writing about. To achieve this, you as a writer need to show the reader(s) that you understand what you are writing about by adding your voice. This simply means including your thoughts, ideas, and opinions about the topic in question. The audience will not only find it easy to understand your essay but also enjoy reading it. They will also get to understand that you are well aware of what you are talking about and this will further motivate them to read your article.
  • Use examples. When writing your essay, your audience ought to comprehend what you are writing about. They do not need to draw their conclusions to fully understand what your article is all about. To accomplish this, therefore, you need to use examples in your paper. This enables them to familiarize themselves with certain situations included in your paper thus making them understand your article more easily. Moreover, using examples enables them to get to acquire new knowledge of something they did not know before.
  • Make your essay easy to be read. While writing an essay, you should aim to get the audience to enjoy reading your paper as well as make them interested in your other pieces. It is, therefore, vital you ensure that the reader(s) will not encounter challenges when going through it. They ought to find it easy to read and enjoy it. To achieve this, use transitional sentences. These sentences show the relationship between your paragraphs allowing your article to have a smooth and systematic flow. The audience will find it easy to read through your paper hence get to enjoy it. Additionally, you also need to use simple language which the reader(s) will not experience difficulties trying to comprehend. It will also allow you to enjoy going through your work once you are through with writing.
  • Use simple sentences. Essay writing necessitates the use of simple sentences and vocabulary. When writing an article, it is crucial you put yourself in the reader(s) position. Capturing the attention of the audience is one of the main objectives of essay writing. The reader(s) ought to be moved and interested in reading your article. Using complex sentences makes it hard for you to continue writing your paper as you may easily fail to understand what you are writing about thus end up being irrelevant. It also makes it hard for the audience to comprehend your paper, therefore, making it easier for them to lose interest in your paper. Therefore, ensure that you always use simple sentences in your article.
  • Don’t use too many clichés. Students are prone to using clichés when it comes to essay writing. Clichés are considered easier to use and will often offer one quick answers. However, it is crucial for students to understand that creativity is significant and will endear readers to your pieces. Therefore, develop the habit of coming up with your sentences and phrases instead of depending on cliches. This will make your article unique and appealing to the audience.
  • Revise your writing thoroughly. After writing your essay, it is essential that you go through it or ask a friend to read it while identifying any mistakes they might find. Revision tends to be beneficial in various ways. First and foremost, it helps you correct the mistakes you have made. Secondly, it helps you know whether your essay is relevant to the topic or not. Thirdly, it enables you to check for plagiarism cases hence ensure your paper is plagiarism free. Forwarding your paper without revising will not only bore the reader(s) but also make you get poor grades as you will get low marks. Therefore, you need to ensure it will give you good grades as well as please the audience.

In conclusion, essay writing is not as difficult or hard as many students deduce or believe it to be. Any individual can grow and develop as a writer through continuous practice and adherence to the essay writing guidelines. The tips provided above can offer you a start and help you in developing into a great writer. Writing will help you in many ways including enhancing your communication skills. Therefore, do not ignore the essay writing tips stated above but engage them whenever you have a writing task, and you will experience change.

Why Essay Writing Service Is Very Important

Essays are one of the most popular types of papers. This paper is free because it is imbued with the freedom to express opinions or ideas from the author. Not only freedom to express opinions and ideas, essays are also used to influence even if possible, provoke!

As one of compulsory writing, essays are often used to measure students’ understanding of the subject matter already given. Essays are also often used to measure students‘ intelligence because by writing an essay, a student is required to bring out his creativity. However important the role of the essay in academic activities, many students considers this a “plague” to be avoided.

Unfortunately, they will not be able to avoid the essay as long as they are still studying formally.
To be able to write essays well, every student needs to know in advance about the systematic of writing. They can not necessarily write without knowing the theoretical basis behind it. They must also understand the structure of a good language, which is officially recognized by the academic community.



As one of the requirements the essay graduation really has become a business commodity that benefits both parties; students and third parties as providers of essay writing services. Now is the Internet era where everyone can search for anything they want in a virtual world. In relation to essay writing, each student can save time by ordering an essay online. They can type in some keywords and get what they need in just seconds. Students do not need to waste their precious time just to fight to string words while they do not know what to do.

The answer to them is essay writing service as this type of service ensures that each client gets an essay as desired. Be aware that writing is not only about education but also talent. Writing covers a variety of aspects, one of which is how to flow ideas in the form of words. A qualified essay writing service usually employs several authors who are each specified on a single theme of writing. It’s very important to make sure every essay produced is not “general.”

In choosing quality services every student needs to search for as much information as possible. They need to make sure that their choices are exactly what they need and that are important, according to their budget. Cheaper services do not always produce poor quality essays and vice versa.

Forums that discuss education are the best place to find information. These places are places where students gathered for academic help, including essays. If you are a student who is also currently seeking help for your essay, it is a wise move to join one or more education forums. There you can exchange ideas with other members and receive advice from them. What is best is that most of them will actually help you in an objective perspective. We hope this article will help you in completing your academic tasks.