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Being able to communicate effectively is an essential skill. Those who can do it well tend to be the ones who flourish, be it in business or at a profession, or in a relationship. A doctor’s ability as a diagnostician is obviously essential. Still, it is the bedside manner that tends to be what gets spoken about, ensuring repeat visits and satisfied patients. The reality is that as a doctor, you are expected to make good diagnoses; it’s the bedside manner that is variable. But this logic applies across the board; if you can communicate well, you will get a lot further because not only are good communicators able to get their points across well, they are also able to take on board other people’s perspectives, needs, and views. So here are some tips on how to be a better communicator.

communicate better

Make comparisons

We all know what metaphors and similes are. They are ways of comparing things to illustrate a point. You might say it is as hot as hell to illustrate the fact that it is hot where you are. When looking to explain a point of view or a best VPS hosting Australia has to offer, which is quite a technical thing. The person is struggling to understand the notion of what exactly that is and why it is important. Maybe you could explain the idea in terms of travel. When you want to go around the world, you need a place to leave all your things. So you find a big warehouse that is safe and secure but allows you access when you need it and ensures your things are safe when you are not there – alongside everybody else’s things stored on the same site but in their own dedicated space. Suddenly the technical concept, translated into everyday language, might make a whole lot more sense.


A wise person once said that humans have one mouth and two ears and should be used in this ratio. All too seldom, this is not the case. And it must be stressed that if you don’t listen, you absolutely cannot communicate effectively because you are essentially talking in a vacuum.

See the other point of view

You cannot ever accuse a person of failing to see your point of view if you don’t see theirs. Seeing another person’s point of view doesn’t necessarily mean agreeing with it. Still, until you can put yourself in their place, you will never truly be able to empathize or provide the right kind of solutions or answers to their needs.

Talk to, not at

Effective communicators talk to people, not at them. This is very important, and you will quickly discover that you will get far better responses and better results if you engage in a conversational, non-hierarchical way. Doing so allows for a great two-way flow of ideas and thoughts and leaves both parties feeling involved and invested in everything that is said.

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