Tips For Keeping Your Drains Unclogged

No one likes to have to hire the help of an expensive plumber. If you want to prevent having to make that call, there are many things you can do to keep your plumbing working properly. One way to do this is to keep your kitchen and bathroom sink drains free and clear of debris. If your clogs are too bad and can’t get them fixed yourself, you can call professional plumbing services in Atlanta such as the one found at Below are some great tips to ensure your plumbing stays clean and clear.

Ditch The Grease

Grease in the kitchen sink is a huge culprit of clogs. It can build up in the pipes and slowly create a bad clog that will be difficult to get rid of. To remedy this, you can use liquid dishwashing soap and a big pot of boiling water. Pour the dishwashing liquid down the drain and then slowly start pouring the boiling water down. A little bit of this at a time will melt any grease deposits that have begun to form.

Use Cold Water Wisely

While hot water can be a great use for getting rid of grease deposits in your drain, you should conversely use cold water when running your garbage disposal in the kitchen sink. The cold water will help to keep any oil or grease in a solid-state. This will make it easier for the garbage disposal to break it up and flush it down the drain pipes. If you only use hot water, the grease may get soft and begin to stick to the pipes’ sides and form a clog.


Hot Water

Hot water is good for your drains. If you make sure to use boiling water here and there every week, it will go a long way to keeping the clogs away. The hot water can help easily wash away any residue in the pipes better than cold water in the bathroom. The hot water will keep the oils and grease in the drains from coating the inside of the pipes in the kitchen sink. Only use hot water after running the garbage disposal to remove any new grease deposits.

Keeping your pipes clean and free of clogs is easier than you would think. Just a little bit of time and effort will keep the calls to a plumbing service to a minimum. If you have a clog that won’t go away easily, be sure only to call a professional.

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