5 Ways To Ruin the Look Of Your Kitchen

There are many resources to look up about how to make your kitchen a beautiful, serene location. But for the dramatist in us all, what about a few explanations for how you can ruin the look of your kitchen in a few fell swoops? It’s worth consideration, at least.

And you can begin with the categories of destruction like leaving food on the counters, creating paint and stain messes, creating water damage behind the sink, putting together bad design elements, and ultimately, never cleaning up behind yourself after your kitchen tasks.

Food On the Counters

Did you know that acidic foods can burn kitchen surfaces? That’s right, sugar, honey, butter, and many more foods can permanently damage many different kinds of characters. So if you want to ruin your kitchen, go ahead and do your cutting without a cutting board, and see how long it takes before you have battle scars across all of your counters. It’s not a good look – don’t be lazy!

Paint and Stain Mess

To keep your kitchen looking nice, paint without making a mess. To ruin your kitchen, go ahead and work too fast without the proper clean-up gear, and watch how quickly your kitchen will go from looking awesome to looking amateur. Bad paint or stain marks along walls or on counters make it look like you don’t care or don’t have the skill or interest to frame your room in the best way possible. Even if you don’t hire a professional, you can at least do a professional job of painting on your own by going slow and taping off the edges in a reasonable manner.

Water Damage Behind the Sink

The area behind your sink is where things go south quickly in your kitchen. Water splashes up when you’re doing dishes and tends to stay and warp wood and create mold. Want to keep your kitchen looking nice? Either make a splash plate or wipe it up after every use. Want to ruin your kitchen? Ignore the area and start growing a mold farm.

Bad Design Elements

Not everyone has an eye for interior design. If you want to make your kitchen look terrible, ignore your friends and family when they tell you something about creating patterns that don’t quite sit right with them. But if you’re the only one who has to like it – go wild!

Never Cleaning Up

The best way to make a kitchen look terrible is to leave it dirty and cluttered. Leaving food out, dirty dishes in piles, and ingredients on counters looks tacky and disorganized and will ensure that even if you have a wonderful kitchen, it seems like the most chaotic and messy room in the household.

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