Tips for Choosing a Lace Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Picking the most suitable one for you among the numerous lace wedding dresses out there can be mind-boggling, and the clock is ticking day by day. One way to narrow down your choices and make it easy is to factor in your body type. Find a lace wedding dress that will emphasize your assets and conceal the less favorable ones.

Why Choose Lace for Your Wedding Dress?

Lace is feminine, elegant, delicate, classical, magical, and more. These are the qualities to look for in a wedding gown. When wearing a wedding dress made from lace, you can be formal and fun, and sophisticated yet girly, all at the same time. Also, a lace dress is suitable for almost all types of weddings.

Here are the types of physiques that may define your figure in the best possible way. Keep in mind that you may fit in more than one category.

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For the Petite Woman

If your height is 5’4” and lower, A-frames and V-necks are your friends. An A-line dress goes tightly at the waist and widens at the skirt. While these A-line lace dresses can look appealing on all frames, they mostly compliment smaller figures, as they highlight the bust and waist.

If you are a bit shorter, wearing a V-neck dress can make your torso look longer; thus, adding height to your body. With a smaller bust, it is possible to stitch silicone cups into the dress to make the chest look natural and full.

For the Bride with Tall Frame

If you belong to the tall club, you will look like a princess in a lace wedding ball gown. A shorter bride may feel overwhelmed with a ball gown. So, embrace your height and wear a ball gown with class and confidence. You may either partner it with flat sandals or a pair of high heels; the choice is yours because you make the rules for your wedding.

For the Lady with a Pear Shape Body

A woman with a pear-shaped frame has wider hips and smaller shoulders and chests. Wearing a lace wedding dress that accentuates your shoulders will balance out this figure. One effective way to draw attention upward is to wear a high neckline. Consider choosing a wedding dress with a lace illusion neckline. A sheer fabric overlaying from the chest to the collarbone will look exquisite on you. On the other hand, a halter top looks attractive and stylish. But, an off-the-shoulder bridal dress gives a classic and romantic appeal.

For the Bride with an Hourglass Figure

If you have an hourglass figure, celebrate your well-proportioned curves with a mermaid gown. This sort of dress follows your torso’s contour down to your hips and thighs and flares out just below the knees. A lace mermaid dress will play up and focus on your beautiful figure. Even if your curves are not that well-defined, try a mermaid gown as it can cinch your waist and give your body the illusion of being shapely and voluptuous.

Shopping for a lace wedding dress is such an emotional and exhilarating experience. The wedding dress you finally choose will showcase what you love most about your body. The wedding dress will have a major role in how confident and beautiful you are while walking down the aisle.

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