Things to Do When Facing a Deportation Order

A deportation order is something many immigrants dread facing. They have already built friendships and families in the UK after staying there for many years. They don’t want to go back to a country they are no longer familiar with or one where they don’t have any relatives at all.

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If you face this problem, you need to do the right thing. A deportation order is not yet the end of the road. There are things you can do to prevent it from happening.

File an appeal

Usually, you have a few more days to file an appeal. When you appeal the order, you will show up in court and explain why you don’t deserve deportation. You will have a hearing where you can defend your case. However, a lot of people depart voluntarily instead. They pay for the ticket home and arrange their travel details.

You can take the risk of facing the court and explain why you deserve to stay or voluntarily leave the country. The advantage of filing an appeal is that you might have a chance of staying, albeit a small one. On the other hand, if you intend to leave, you won’t receive a deportation mark on your travel documents, and you can still legally apply to enter the UK again.

What if the judge still orders removal?

After trying everything that you can, you could still end up getting a removal order. At this point, you only have one option left- file an appeal to stay. It does not necessarily stop the deportation, but it buys you some time. A ground to avoid immediate deportation is physical health. If you are too physically unwell to travel, the court might be a bit compassionate and approve your request. You may also ask to stay if you present new evidence suggesting that you can legally remain in the country. You might have to prepare your bags according to the government’s limits and get ready to leave without these reasons.

Don’t evade the authorities.

Once the order is final, you have no choice but to follow it. It is better to get deported now and still have the chance of processing your documents to allow entry someday. However, if you decide to evade the authorities and hide, you instantly become a fugitive. Once the authorities find you, it is possible to immediately receive a removal order and a permanent ban from entering the UK. You don’t want to reach this point.

Seek help from immigration lawyers

It is scary facing deportation, especially if you feel like you are alone in the battle. You need someone to help you as you face deportation. Your lawyer might have some legal moves to prevent or at least delay your removal. It does not guarantee that you will succeed because it depends on your case, but it is okay to be hopeful. You can check out the best lawyers at www.gulbenkian.co.uk now. They will be there for you until you exhaust all legal means possible to stay in the country.

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