The first hour of your day is critical as it is this hour that decides how your remaining part of the day will be spent. It determines your productivity and energy levels throughout the day.

So, it becomes important that you kick-start your day on the right note. You can incorporate certain morning rituals into your lifestyle to ensure a great and accomplished day ahead.


These rituals help synchronize your mind, heart, and body and prepare you to face daily challenges. However, following these habits diligently every day might take some time. But it will surely help in changing your life. Taking control of your morning is in your hands and a sure-shot way to begin your journey to self-improvement. The insurers love a physically fit person with an active lifestyle and are more likely to get cheaper medical insurance coverage.

Here are the five morning rituals that you should incorporate into your daily routine to start your day on a positive note:

1. Drinking a glass of water with lemon

The ideal way to start your day is by hydrating your body with a warm glass of water with a lemon. When you wake up in the morning, your tummy has gone through 8 hours without water. So, it becomes important to rehydrate the body and keep the water flowing.

It helps to take the warm water because the sudden activity does not shock your bowel system. This helps alkaline your body, prepare your digestive system for the day, and detoxify your body. The pectin fiber of the water and lemon enables smooth bowel movement and clears out your system. The vitamin C from the lemon is a great antioxidant that helps boost your immune system.

2. Wake up earlier

To have time for yourself in the morning, you must wake up a little earlier than usual, maybe before everyone else in the family wakes up. This will help you to enjoy a quieter morning before the day begins. This will bring peace to your mind, and you will notice a considerable difference in your body. Moreover, this alone time can be utilized for taking up any activity you would love, such as reading a book with a cup of tea, a quiet walk, listening to soothing music, etc.

3. Do a good stretch

To wake your muscles up and make them ready for the day ahead, you must do a good 5-minute stretch every day in the morning. There are various ways you can stretch each muscle of your body. All you have to do is what suits your body’s requirements.

You can always incorporate a stretching routine along with any other workout routine. Yoga is a perfect way to stretch your body; it can be the first thing you can do in the morning. This helps alleviate back and neck pain and improve blood circulation. It aids in improving your body posture and increases the oxygen supply to your brain, making it sharper.

4. Meditation:

Meditation benefits a calm and peaceful mind with numerous great health benefits. It is great practice for a relaxed mind, body, and soul. Starting your day with a 2-minute meditation in the morning helps develop a positive outlook toward life and a clear mental state while preparing you to conquer the rest of the day on a good note. Sitting silently and comfortably is a great way to embrace positive thoughts. You can count or chant some mantra and take deep breaths to make yourself feel light and comforted.

It is not necessary that you need to sit in the meditation position for too long. Just a few minutes will ensure such a remarkable improvement that you can easily notice a difference in your day-to-day activities.

5. Eat a healthy breakfast:

Most of us skip the most important meal of the day, i.e., breakfast, due to many errands we may have to run in the morning. Breakfast is an essential meal that allows the body’s metabolism to function efficiently, and you feel energetic throughout the day. Your breakfast should be a healthy mix of proteins and carbohydrates that keep you full for longer hours. Try avoiding any processed foods in this meal.

While eating your breakfast, forget about the calories and focus more on refueling the body with low-calorie, fiber-rich foods after a fast of 8 hours due to a good night’s sleep.

Healthy minds lead to a healthy body, which, in turn, reduces your chances of getting sick. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle, many insurers like Apollo Munich offer a great product that rewards you for staying active.

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