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The week the internet canceled the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama has become the ultra-modern man or woman to be “canceled” via the internet, a sufferer of today’s on-line way of life, wherein one communique can get anyone disavowed.

Sixty years in the past, the Dalai Lama fled his fatherland of Tibet on horseback because of Chinese persecution in opposition to Buddhists, and 30 years ago he acquired the Nobel peace prize for being a messenger of non-violence.

But these days, the BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan interviewed His Holiness as regards to Donald Trump, immigration and a possible successor, and some people at the moment are calling his responses sexist and nationalist. (For instance, pronouncing he did no longer need to peer Europe turn out to be “Muslim” or “African”.)

He additionally reiterated arguable feedback he made in 2015 about a capacity female successor, announcing: “If female Dalai Lama comes, then that lady ought to be very appealing … in any other case, not an awful lot use.”

All of which has stimulated calls throughout the Twitterverse to “cancel” His Holiness:

The Dalai Lama issued a statement to clarify the remarks he made in the interview.

“Firstly, in responding to a question about whether his personal reincarnation could be a girl, and suggesting that if she has been she ought to be appealing, His Holiness actually supposed no offense. He is deeply sorry that humans have been harm through what he said and gives his sincere apologies.”

This apology wasn’t sufficient for a few, which underscores the impact of being canceled online. It’s hard if now not impossible, to recover from a cancellation.

But some people are even wondering all men, or at least the validity of #NotAllMen, the famous argument towards the vilification of men within the #MeToo technology, in light of the Dalai Lama’s statements. The argument that not all guys are horrible has been used against individuals who consider guys are inherently misogynistic. But if one of the most well-known humanitarian leaders alive could make sexist statements, who are we left to accept as true with?

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