The Best Vaporizer Under 100$

Before you go and spend all your money on the highest caliber, top-tier vape money can buy, it’s worth knowing that a great vaping session isn’t necessarily a pipe dream with cheaper models. It’s important to understand the key difference between a Grade A vape and one of a lower cost and what you can get from the best vaporizer for less than 100$ can buy. Most notably, all the best vaporizer models offer the user total and precise control of the temperature at which they heat their flower.

For people who use cannabis medicinally, this is a valuable feature that lets them control which cannabinoids they turn into vapor from different strains. With enough experimentation, someone can find the perfect balance of symptom relief with the lowest intoxication effect. Besides that, the priciest vapes nearly always come with a fancy little display screen that informs the user of the current temperature, battery level, and session length. If you’re not dying to keep tabs on this type of info, that’s another reason you might consider getting an inexpensive model.


A great candidate for the best vaporizer under 100$ is the Black Widow Herb and Wax vaporizer. This 60$ vape doesn’t limit you to dry herbs or concentrates. It’s sleek, compact, and easy to use with its only button. Press it five times to turn it on or off, and hold the button for three seconds to cycle between various temperature presets. The presets range from 356 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit, which all casual vapers need. The battery lasts for hours on a single charge, and Black Widow opted for a ceramic chamber to create a nice flavor untainted by any plastic or cheap metal. For anyone who thinks they can’t afford to vape, this is a great starter in every way, and for anyone planning to drop hundreds of dollars on a vape they might not even use that often, this might be a wonderful alternative.

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