How to Make Your Business’ Videos Engaging from Start to Finish

How to Make Your Business’ Videos Engaging from Start to Finish

When it comes to making videos to promote your business, you definitely want them to be entertaining, informative, and engaging from start to finish. But this is easier said than done. In addition to hiring professional video producers, such as those at companies like Spiel Productions, keep the tips below in mind so that your videos can be the best representation of your company and brand.

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Add Some B-Roll Footage

While putting together the script for your video, note any areas where you can place some b-roll footage to keep the video engaging. Rather than recording yourself talking into the camera for a few minutes straight, you can have your main footage cut by b-roll footage that will help to bring your video’s script to life. For example, if you discuss a new product that you are launching, you can cut to high-quality images of the item, or you can even add in other video footage of the product being used.


Keep the Videos Short

Don’t let your video run too long. Most people—especially those who will be viewing the videos on their mobile devices while they’re on the go—won’t have the time to sit through 10+ minutes of video. It is best to keep your videos around 2 to 3 minutes long, although you can go up to 5 minutes.

Be Energetic

If you end up speaking in a monotone voice, you will definitely lose your viewers’ attention. And the same is true if you keep your body in a fixed position from your video’s start to the end. Therefore, be sure to have a lot of energy and passion during your time on camera. You will be able to keep your audience’s attention much more easily because your video won’t be dull, and your voice won’t be boring. Be animated, move around, speak a little more loudly than you normally would, and have fun, as your audience will pick up on your enthusiasm.

Add Music

In addition to avoiding being monotonous when it comes to how you speak into the camera, you also want to add background sound to keep the video engaging and add a mood to the presentation. Go ahead and purchase some stock music or hire some professionals to record custom music for your business’ videos. When added underneath the footage, this music will make your videos more fun and entertaining.

Use Animations

Besides music and b-roll footage, you can also add animations or make your videos completely animated to keep them fun, light-hearted, and engaging. Animated videos, such as short explainer videos, are hugely popular, so give them a try.

By following the simple tips above, you can make any of your business’ videos a lot more engaging for anyone who stops to view them. This should help you promote your company much more effectively and get the higher conversions you’re after.

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