The 11 Subsidiary Laws

Many people have heard of The Secret, but did you know that The Secret (The Law of Attraction) is just one of 11 Laws? The Law of Attraction is incomplete without applying ALL the other Laws!

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So many people feel a connection with The Law of Attraction but get frustrated and disappointed when they attempt to apply it and see poor or non-existent results. The reasons are varied from person to person – but the underlying cause in all cases is simple –

The Law of Attraction cannot work to its fullest potential unless you understand and apply ALL of the 11 Subsidiary Laws. Only when used together can The Secrets ‘ fullest potential be realized.

What are the 11 Subsidiary Laws? I’m glad you asked! I can’t tell you in detail here (that would take way too long), but I can summarize them for you and hopefully get you excited about something that has helped not only me but countless others, such as:

• The Law of Thinking – “As a man thinketh, so he is”. We all have two levels of thought: conscious thought and a constant stream of subconscious thought. This Law helps you understand how to program your unconscious thoughts so they will reach out to the universe to find ways to achieve your goals. Likewise, this Law will help you not fear every negative review that may pass your mind.

• The Law of Supply – Sometimes known as the Law of Demand, this Law expresses our wants and desires, whether food, money, etc. Some people confuse this with Greed. Is it Greed for the seed in the soil to want more and more sunlight, water, and food? Of course not, nor should it be for you to desire more in your life either.

• The Law of Receiving – Learning this Law is understanding that when you Attract the things you want to you – other things will come as well. These “surprises” might be things, materials, events, people, etc., that will help fulfill what you’re trying to Attract. Understanding this Law will help you recognize and work harmoniously with the other Laws to satisfy your desired results.

• The Law of Increase – This Law can be summarized as, “giving more will allow you to receive more”. It is commonly understood that if you invest wisely and judiciously – the more you will get back out of your investment. This is true whether it’s business, your relationships, or whatever. Give more, get more.



• The Law of Compensation – Bob Proctor describes the Law like this, “What you are getting is a result of the effort you are putting out there.” This Law helps us understand we can’t go through the motions, do the bare minimum, and expect to realize our dreams or desires.

• The Law of Non-Resistance – If you resist for (the sake of your) security, you will never have safety. Just as fighting for Peace does not create Peace. The only way to avoid conflict is to “go with the flow”. This does not mean giving up; it means don’t struggle. You must be willing to change and go outside your comfort zone to achieve. If you resist change and work against it – you’ll only hold yourself back and everything the universe is trying to get to you.

• The Law of Forgiveness – It’s easy to blame others when times are tough. When the chips are down, it’s even easier to blame ourselves. Any attitude that takes away your vitality and energy never serves; it can only take away from you. Learn to forgive, let go, and take action to correct such situations. Learn from them so they don’t happen again. This is the only true way to move forward.

• The Law of Sacrifice – In a nutshell, this Law is about discipline. Everything has a price. The Law does not allow you to have what you don’t earn. Simply wishing for buckets of money for an hour a day will not attract that money to you; you’re going to have to work for it.

• The Law of Obedience – Work with the Laws, and they will reward you, work against them, and you will pay the price. All of these Laws are part of the Universal Laws of Life. They don’t require your belief or acknowledgment to work, but they do need your respect. If you throw a stone in the air, it will come back down again – that’s the Universal Law. You may or may not understand it – but it is never the less. You can keep throwing the stone up and hope/wish/pray it will stay there,, but guess what? It will come down again. Respect the Law, work with the Law, and change will come your way.

• The Law of Success – No matter what you do, it is a success. You will get a result. You may not like the result, but it is a result. Working with the Law of Success means acting in a certain way so that success is bound to happen. If not by education, then by experience and persistence.

• The Law of Attraction – The more you have, the more you get. When you are attracted what you want in your life, you start to gather more materials that you can use to attract  furthermore. As the cycle repeats, the growth is boundless!

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