Top 5 Reasons Why a Time Clock App is a Must Have

Using a time clock app can be an excellent tool for small and large companies to increase productivity and help employees stay on task. Companies can use these apps to track employee attendance, monitor lunch hours and breaks, and provide the convenience of having everything in one location.

Time Clock App

The following is an overview of some of the features a time clock app offers and how they can help you make better business decisions.

PTO Tracking: A job clock can give your business a more streamlined approach to managing time off for vacation days, sick days, holidays, and other vacation-related time away from work. Employees can access the time clock app from any internet-connected device, submit their time off request, and have it immediately go to their supervisor for approval.

Not only can you track time-off requests with a cloud-based time clock, but you can also track accruals. Most time clock apps come equipped with different accrual options, which can be set up to meet your business needs. These accruals are applied automatically, so no manual entries are required. Employees can then view their time off balance and any accruals applied from within their accounts.

Extensive Reporting: Job costing is essential to all businesses to determine exactly how and where they are spending their money. Having this data available allows management to better schedule their workers and while also meeting business demands. Most modern time clock solutions come with extensive reporting options that will enable you to break down your labor costs by employee, job, customer, location, or another metric.

Reporting options don’t stop at job costing. You can also get reports for time off, scheduling or time tracking auditing, and more. Each online timecard system will come with its own set of reporting options, so be sure to do your due diligence to find the best that meets your business’s needs.

Alerts and Reminders: Using a time clock app is also a great way to remind your employees of their responsibilities. If you have workers who frequently forget to punch in or out, then punch in and out reminders can be sent before their shift starts.

Alerts can also be used by management to track when employees reach overtime, if time cards are submitted for approval, and if they completely missed their shift. They can then use this information to take action. Other workers can replace employees to reduce overtime; managers can review and approve time cards or reach out to workers to determine why they missed their shift.

Calendar Access: One of the best features of any time clock app is its ability to provide easy access to a time off calendar. This allows management and employees to see when other time off requests have been made. Management can decide to approve or deny requests based on their staffing needs.

Holidays or any business closure days can also be added to the calendar in advance to ensure employees know when they need to be at work and when they have the day off.

Schedule Viewing: Another feature of a timekeeper app is the ability to view your employees’ schedules across the globe. Whether using a standard desktop or smartphone, both employees and management can view shift assignments, break times, and any other information about their shift.

By viewing this information from nearly any location quickly, employees and management will be on the same page regarding working hours. If an employee has an issue with their assigned shift, they can reach out to their supervisor to see if it can be changed.

It’s easy to see how a time clock app can take your business to the next level. It can help streamline your time off tracking process and offers extensive reporting options to make better business decisions. It also allows you to set up unique alerts and reminders to manage employees passively and enables workers to view their calendars or schedules from any internet-connected device. Start improving your time tracking and scheduling processes by investing today!

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