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Sony’s Next Step Is NEXTEP- A Bracelet Computer Of 2020

Soon within next few years, users can access internet from a device that is attached to their wrist. Yes we are talking about Sony’s upcoming yes an eye catching innovation called Nextep, a computer which you will be wearing by 2020. It’s a flexible OLED bracelet device with touch screen. You can wear it like a normal band. It’s so much flexible that you can also use it like a smartphone. Day by day, our need of internet and dependency is increasing. Mobiles currently which are in market may no longer be fulfilling our needs. Day by day cool wearable technology devices are invented for the better living and comfort.

Nextep is designed by Hiromi Kirki and would be in production by 2019. The bracelet or wrist computer includes various features like Hologram projector which acts as a screen, users could be able to pull out extra keyboard panel and also with capability of social network. There would be a huge waiting line when this digital bracelet would be released.

Our need for internet has been becoming so profound that devices like Nextep are going to exist. Today our needs have turned a simple calling mobile phone into an excellent smart Smartphone. So by 2020 would wrist type gadgets would replace smart phones? The answer is probably yes, no or can’t say. Nobody even knows that these types of future gadgets would be changing our ways of living and working completely.

Along with pull out keyboard panels, the computer also comes with 3G connectivity which would allow wireless data transmission and voice calling. Not only would this a wearable camera be also bundled with Nextep which would just when you point to subject, Shoots.

This is what and how the things are imagined. This computer sounds amazing. Think of the world when though even computers and mobile phone didn’t existed. Today we are living in an age which is dominantly dependent by communication and technology. The potential bracelet by Sony has raised hope as the design is capable to support various applications along with user friendly features like keyboard which is retractable that combines both high end running personal computer and a mobile and smart phone.

The wrist computer can be converted into tablet two display units and additional keyboard panels. Its still not sure whether it will double upside as a mobile phone but there is probability that it would be able to.

This would be a great challenge for other electronics and phone makers that king of electronics Sony is coming with such a great gadget that no other would have thought of till now. At present with current technological innovations it’s not possible to wear a computer on your wrist but Sony Electronics would be making this dream possible in the next few years. The Nextep PC has been detached and turned into a brilliant and an excellentpersonal computer.

Sony Nextep is a very promising technological gadget which is expected to be released in the mid of year 2020 or 2021

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