Importance of packing correctly when moving home

Something many of us dread, but will likely have to go through on multiple occasions throughout our lifetimes. Yes, this is moving home, and there are many things to take into account in order for it to go smoothly. This is to make sure you don’t have damage to your possessions once they arrive at your new home. Here we cover some of the key packaging tips.

It is important not to leave everything until the last minute. You should consider what is essential and will need careful packaging in order to have them covered from potential breakages. This means using suitable packaging and you’ll find them here.

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  • Making a priority like packaging list will help greatly when you are having a clear out of your belongings. This will also mean a faster process when it comes to the big day.
  • Getting the correct packaging boxes can be the difference between keeping your possessions from being damaged. Therefore it is important to spend time on this. This also draws on to the tip to not overfill boxes, which can lead to them being too heavy and even breaking.
  • Finally getting insurance prior to your move is important as this could save you a lot of money, in case some of your expensive and prized possessions are lost or even damaged within the move.

As mentioned previously, preparation is key. Of course it is unlikely that you will be able to move and unpack everything in the same day. Therefore you should take into account the things you will need upon arrival into your new home, and pack these into something that has easy access.

  • This could be done through packing an ‘essentials box’ which could include things like toiletries, coffee, tea and kitchen equipment.
  • Always pack the boxes containing the items that you are least likely to need first.

This then leads on to packing things both sensibly and correctly. This means wrapping valuables efficiently, taking time to ensure they will not get damaged if they get thrown about (something that is likely to happen). This may also mean dismantling some of your furniture.

  • This could take a long period of time to sort this, so always leave extra time, and start early. Starting from the top of your home and working down is normally the best approach.
  • Always look to package heavy items in small boxes, which will enable them to be transported easier.
  • Make sure you label the boxes, which can help to keep the process at the other end being much easier and smoother. You should also leave all the boxes for each room together, which will again speed up things upon your arrival in your new home.
  • Finally pack all your important documents such as passports together and keep them in a safe place. This will help to keep them from getting lost as many things do when you move home.


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