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Make your collage with Fotoworks – a photo editing software.

Being a user-friendly photo editing software, Fotoworks provides many essential and cool tools to edit photos like a pro. In addition to all great and fancy photo editing aptitudes, is equipped with a special feature known as “Printing studio.” This tool is used to create photo albums, collages, calendars, and posters. Whether you are a professional or an amateur user, you will enjoy this creative tool for making your unusual moments even more precious with our awesome photo editing software.

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Photos are a great way to capture your precious moments forever. Whenever you look at your photos, they revive your past. Every picture has a memory, but imagine if a single photo contains multiple memories in it. This will be of an inordinate worth indeed. Creating a collage is the best way to collect multi memories in a single picture. This photo editing software has a collage tool that is super easy and cool where you can create your collage for Facebook covers, Instagram invites, or photo frames. This article will help you create a funky and cool collage on your own.

If you are not familiar with collage making, we have so many college templates and samples for your convenience in this photo editing software. To access the latter, you will have to click on the collage button in the toolkit, where you will see some options that can be chosen as needed. Also, explore the sample collages by clicking on the samples. Import or add images from your device to make a more customized collage. You can add multiple pictures at once by holding the Ctrl button and selecting the photos you want. They will be all imported into your picture tray instantly.

Photo Editor

Add layouts to your collage with the photo editing software Fotoworks.

After importing photos, you can add different layouts to your collage. As mentioned above, we have template layouts that are so easy and flexible to use. There are different layouts for Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Edit collage

You can also enjoy editing each photo of the collage by clicking the edit option in this photo editing software. Whenever you click this button, many editing options will appear in front of you. These editing options include:

  • • Crop
  • • Resize
  • • Rotate
  • • Flip
  • • Adjust
  • • Exposure
  • • Highlight
  • • Brightness

You can zoom in and zoom out your image as well with the zooming tool. Make your picture more dazzling by adding some special effects to our photo editing software. There are so many effects to choose from. Every filter has a unique effect and can completely transform your photos. You can add blend mode, texture, graphics, doodles, text, image morphing, vignette effect, frames, and stickers, etc., to your collage. After adding effects and filters to your photos, click on the back button to get back to your collage with the saved data.

Edit it, share it, or print it

Collage making was never so easy. This photo editing software (Fotoworks) has made collage fun and cool with its super user-friendly collage tool. Make a collage of your own choice, add effects, and filter it to make it more interesting and appealing. Click on the Save button and Boom! Wow, your collage is ready!

Happy to see your creativity? Now, what’s next? Obviously curious to show it to others, right? Well, this editing software has a solution to fulfill your desires.

It has an option to save it on your drive and export it into Dropbox etc. Moreover, you can directly share your collage on your social media networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest or save it on google drive. Upload them, get likes, comments, and shares, and feed your creative beasts with kudos and applauses.

A quick preview for you:

Hover over the ride of collage making with Fotoworks, and here is an agile preview of editing steps for you.

  1. Import or add your photos into the photo editing software collage maker
  2. Take a layout of your choice.
  3. Add selected photos into the collage layout.
  4. Could you edit it?
  5. Modify collage layout if you want
  6. Augment your collage by adding text
  7. Save it and share it on social media.
  8. Print it directly from the print option.

Create anything you want by using our handy tools to pile your photos on top and become noticed. Fotoworks is Super-duper easy, handy, cool, fancy, creative, and attractive!

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