Five Pests You Want To Deal With Quickly In Your Home

Pests can be pesky, but some of them are tolerable. A fly in your home can easily be swatted, and unless there is a dead critter nearby that they are breeding in, they probably won’t become a nuisance. However, there is some bug that can really cause problems in your home.

Some are really easy to get rid of, like a bee’s nest, and some take more car work to destroy, like a colony of carpenter ants. Even some types of spiders can be more problematic than others. Here are some pests and why you need to deal with them quickly and swiftly.



Termites can literally destroy your home. They eat wood, and if your home has wood holding it up, they could be eating your home from around you. While you can find some DIY things for dealing with termites, this is a pest that really requires a professional if you want to save your home.

Carpenter Ants

While these big black ants may not be eating the wood of your home, they do burrow through it, making the wood your home has brittle. They like to move into rotten wood, which also means your home may be having some issues with leaks.

You have to find the nest to deal with these pests, and sometimes the only way to do that is to call in the pros. You want to get them quickly so that the damage doesn’t get worse, and then you want to fix that rotten spot they made their nest prevent future infestations.


It depends on where you live, and how clean your home is, on whether or not you’ll have to deal with this bug. It also depends on how bad your infestation is on how to take care of it. You can buy roach traps and try to deal with them on your own, but you may need to call in someone to fumigate your home if that doesn’t work.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs do bite; in fact, they live on human blood. You might see little blood spots or even dead bugs around your bed if you have them. Often they hitch rides home from motel and hotel rooms, where they can often be common.

To get rid of these pests, you need to treat them, you may need to replace your mattress, you can wash your bedding in boiling water, and you should vacuum the room.


Mice and rats spread disease, so if you suspect them in your home, it’s essential to deal with them quickly. On top of that, that can destroy food and other household items if you let them go on for too long. The key to eradication is to make sure you get rid of what brought them in in the first place: food, water, and warmth. You also need to find where they enter and seal it up!

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