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Upon attaining parenthood, life offers you another dose of exciting things. With the new kid on the block, your entire world shifts and starts revolving around the baby. As it is the state of mind for all the parents; you plan and prepare yourself to take good care of your baby to ensure overall well-being, which is essential for a responsible parenting.

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What is parenting?

Parenting refers to upbringing of a child by providing critical support system to promote its overall development. The parenting functions right through child birth till the achievement of adulthood. Parenting is not limited to promoting only physical development of your child but does include important emotional, intellectual and social aspects of child development. That means, child is required to be supported in totality keeping in mind the various factors that may affect development at various stages.

Parenting asks for a dedicated approach that seeks your time and efforts, important for your kids. And, we all are more than happy to help our kids grow well and confident. As mentioned before, you are required to spend a little time and effort to ensure healthy upbringing of your child.

You may refer to the following ways and click here for the suggestions to offer a good parenting experience to your kids.

  • Understand your child: You do not need a professional degree in psychology to understand your child. You can do this by simply observing the child which will help you understand him or her. You can be around your child and observe the way he or she responds to situations, interacts with others and watch him play. Observing different behaviors help you understand your child. Your child should see you as his or her best friend and to achieve that your child should know and feel confident that you will always be there for him or her should there be any need, anytime. Spending quality time with your kids by playing games together, going to the park for a stroll will help you understand your child. Listen attentively to your child as by doing so not only help you understand him more but also enhance bonding between you and child as he or she will acknowledge your interest in their lives.
  • Be Passionate and Considerate: As mentioned earlier, you need to have a dedicated approach to offer great parenting to your kids. And that can happen if you are passionate enough to carry that role and equally considerate as well. Passion will keep you going to achieve and being considerate help you be kind and easy while dealing with kids. Remember, children are quite innocent and naïve to most of the things in the world. They do not have microprocessors to take up your instructions and start implementing to bring out the desired results. So, do not hurry things and let the kids do things at their pace.
  • Exercise Self Discipline: Children follow by examples. No matter how much you coach your kid on discipline, but if you are not self-disciplined it would not leads to satisfactory results. Discipline is an important virtue that keeps human life in order and we want our kids to adopt it. We like our kids to have a healthy life style with good eating habits. However, if our kids see us not following a healthy life style, then it will create a conflict in their minds. Therefore, it is imperative for parents to exercise self-discipline to inculcate good behavioral patterns in kids.
  • Disciplining the Child: Discipline means way of orderly life that puts you in control of the situations and surroundings. As mentioned, it is a way of life and has nothing to do with reprimand or punishment. Since children are naïve to their surroundings and come across newer things while growing up, it is quite important to guide them with positive reinforcements rather than negative experiences. You can explain your child of the consequences of particular actions before and after the event. You can incentivize kids for showing good behavior and encourage by doing so. It is very important to dedicate yourself while disciplining the child as your due attention is necessary to bring out the desired results.
  • Respecting your child: Children are quite observant and they pick up various behavioral patterns around them. As you would want your children to be considerate and mindful of people around them, it is imperative for them to learn respecting others. And to help them learn that, you need to respect children. As stated earlier, children will replicate in their behavior what they look around and observe. So, to inculcate the virtue of respecting others, listen to your kid attentively and let him feel respected of his views and opinions. That, of course, does not mean that you need to agree with your kids on everything but you need to make corrective measures while explaining them where they went wrong. If children do not feel respected, then they will eventually do not respect others.It is very important to respect their dignity, after all children are human beings and do have feelings, ideas and own personalities. They also have a distinct thought process which should be listened to and acknowledged.
  • Communicate well: Effective communication is important while parenting. And listening is critical for an effective communication. It is quite important to be an active listener to what your child says. Mind you, hearing is different that listening as we listen to comprehend. Communicating well with your kid help you understand your kids better. Sometimes, kids tell you something in simple words that make a lot of sense to comprehend the situation in hand while you struggle to deduce. You should make your child confident enough that he or she can speak to you on anything, anywhere without any inhibitions.
  • Do not commit the sin of humiliating the child: Never ever dent self-esteem of a child by humiliating him or her. As a child, it is really difficult for them to deal with strong emotion like humiliation. They should always feel proud of themselves and we should strive hard to ensure that.


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