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Most used terminology in Indian rummy that you must know

One of the exciting games in the list of card games is the Rummy game. The game is played among two or more decks. In this game, the players form the sets, and they try to maintain the card sequence. This game is also called Standard rummy. The Indian rummy is played with some variations in the original game. A cross is considered among two games, and that is the rummy 500 and the gin rummy.


Objectives of the Rummy Game

The Rummy game aims to arrange all the cards into a series. If you want to win the Indian rummy, a basic rule is to have at least two lines in your hand of 13 cards. Out of these sequences, one line should be pure, and it must not include any joker. The remaining cards must be in a proper set or series, including joker cards.


Ranking of the Cards

A total of 52 cards are available, in which a total of 4 different suits are present. Each suite consists of 13 cards. These are as follows:

  1. Clubs: These are black color cards.
  2. Diamonds: These are also red.
  3. Spades: These are pan-shaped black color cards.
  4. Hearts: These are red and have a heart-shaped design on each card.

The cards available are A,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, J, Q, and K. These cards are available in all the suits. The face cards are jack, queen, and king. The other cards, except for the ace, i.e., the 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, are the number cards.

Important Terms associated with Rummy

Some of the important terms that are associated with the Indian rummy game are listed below:


To enter a cash tournament in a Rummy game, you need to pay some amount. This amount is referred to as a Buy-In. It can be explained in straightforward language as an entry fee a player has to pay to compete in a rummy tournament. There are some tournaments where loyalty points can be used as the Buy-In.


According to the Indian rummy rules, the cards are shuffled from the deck, and each player is given 13 cards. The deck is not made empty to the whole. According to basic rummy rules, the dealing can be done only after the toss of the game, and the cards are dealt in a clockwise direction.

Closed Deck

Once the cards are distributed among all the players, the remaining cards are kept separately with their faces down. This group of cards is known as the closed deck.

Open Deck

This is called the discard pile. Players discard their unwanted cards to this pile and pick from it if they find any useful cards to complete the meld.


If we exclude the jokers, a standard deck consists of 52 cards. In case we include the jokers, the deck becomes a total of 54 cards.


Once the cards are melded into a proper set, and a sequence has been formed, it is declared. Declare is also termed as ‘Show.’


Once you pick a card from the open or the closed deck, you need to drop a card from your hand, and it is one of the basic rummy rules. This act of replacing a card is termed a Discard.


When you draw a card from the open deck or the closed deck, it is called drawing.


One card is picked at random when the game begins. This card can replace any other card to complete the sets or sequences. It is termed the Joker or the wild card. Sometimes, it is impossible to meld the entire collection of 13 cards at once. In this case, a wild card can be placed in the position of the missing card.

For example, there is a sequence of 6*7*J*9. The J is replaced with 8. If we talk about the printed joker, if it is selected as the wild joker, then, in that case, aces from all the sets can act as the wild joker along with the two printed jokers.


At the beginning of the rummy game, 13 cards are handed to the players. These cards are called a hand.


When the cards are made out into a proper sequence or a set, it is called melding. For example, there are three cards with you with the numbers 3, 4, and 5. The act of arranging them as 3*4*5 is called melding.


If there are three or four consecutive cards that belong to the same suit, it is called a sequence or a run. A pure sequence is one in which 3 or 4 cards are of the same sequence without any joker cards. It is a clear win.

The Last Words

These are some of the important terminologies and terms that are used within the rummy game. Rummy can be played online with multiple players, which makes this game really fun to play! You can even put your real money into the game and get a chance to multiply it with your wins. But don’t get addicted to this game, as you may lose a large amount of money if you don’t play it right. Follow all the rummy rules carefully while playing.

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