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Gone are the days when term insurance plans only provided you with death pay-out for the financial well-being of your family. Since many of you felt that term insurance plans could be an expensive purchase solely for death benefits, the sale of term insurance plans significantly reduced. According to a report, only 5% of the Indian population bought term plans. Therefore, many insurance companies have launched a complete term policy that can offer death benefits and survival benefits under a single plan. The survival benefit comes as an option which is termed as Return of Premium in the new age term plans. Besides, these top four benefits of term insurance plans mentioned below can make it a worthy purchase:

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  1. Coverage

Under term insurance, coverage can play an essential role. When the term plan was introduced, a life cover was solely crucial only for your family members. Today, you can protect yourself as well as your loved ones with a life cover received from your selected term plan. While the life cover can safeguard the financial security of your family in your absence, the life cover received after maturity date can let you lead a comfortable life after retirement. Moreover, you can increase your term coverage after you crossing specific milestones, such as getting married, planning to have kids, and so on.

  1. Premium

The traditional term insurance plans were known for its affordability in the market. As term policies have evolved, the cost has subsequently reduced. The primary reasons for the reduction in the costs of term insurance plans can be the increased competition in the market as well as a rapid improvement in the premium rate. A new-age term insurance policy can be relatively cheaper as well as customer-friendly. Hence, buy a new-age plan to reap the evolved benefits to match your dynamic financial requirements at a competitive premium value.

  1. Payout option

A new-age term plan can provide you and your family members with a financial payout. While the money obtained by your family in your absence can be termed as a death benefit, the amount received by you when you survive the term policy can be known as maturity benefits. Under new-age term insurance plans, you can choose between the following types of payout options:

  • Monthly payout

You can receive a monthly payout for a specific duration.

  • Lump-sum payout

Your nominees can obtain the selected sum assured value chosen by you at the beginning of the purchase of a ULIP policy.

  • Monthly+ Lump-sum payout

Your insurer can pay the death benefit in a lump-sum amount as well as monthly instalments.

  1. Variants

Under new-age term insurance plans, you can choose between different types of variants. Typically, your insurer can provide you with multiple variant options to match your evolving needs. Moreover, these variants can allow you to customise your term insurance policy. Although the variants can differ from one insurer to another, let’ go through the most common types of variants available by insurance companies:

  • Whole-life coverage
  • Joint coverage
  • Increasing cover
  • Child education cover
  1. Online presence

The online presence of term insurance policies has made many lives easier. Gone are the days when you might opt out of an insurance product due to hassle-free and time-consuming process. Online term insurance plans offer minimal premium as well as relaxed underwriting rules. When you buy term life insurance online, you should submit the relevant details, pay the premium amount, and make the final purchase. Besides, there can be less involvement of paperwork or documentation under an online term policy.

In a nutshell, new-age term plan has launched in the insurance market recently. Although you might be sceptical about the purchase, the new-age features can ensure your convenience, affordability, and transparency. Therefore, see to it that you compare different options in the market and use a term insurance calculator before making the final purchase.

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