Getting in Shape With Kettleballs and CrossFit Training

The media makes it seem Fanz Live  as if the world of fitness revolves around men. This is a ridiculous notion considering some of the top athletes are WOMEN! For example, Venus Williams is the queen of tennis! And Simone Biles must get a very tired after having to hold so many gold medals! So, yes women can rock the fitness world as much as any man. But you can’t get fit without the right equipment.

CrossFit Shoes

The Benefit of CrossFit Shoes

CrossFit has taken the fitness world by storm and for good reason too. And now CrossFit Shoes are making it easier to gain the benefits. They are unlike any other workout shoes on the market and offer a dynamic design for different types of workouts. What makes CrossFit Shoes different than your average pair of exercise shoes include features such as:

  • A stiff sole (for absorbing shock)
  • A height difference from heel to toe (to prevent ankle sprains)
  • A thin sole (to provide a lighter step)
  • Grips on the bottom side of the shoes (to increase traction on any surface)
  • Strong material (to provide a strong fit and help maintain the position of the shoe)

Starting out with a pair of CrossFit Shoes

Since CrossFit has gotten so popular, it is best to have in mind what type you are more likely going to perform. Next take in consideration any injury or weakness you have that might need support from your pair of shoes. For example, if you have a weak ankle, you might want a pair of CrossFit shoes that can support your ankle. Other features to consider before buying a pair include:



  • Structure: The shape of the shoe must be right for the type of your intended workouts
  • Durability:Compare the sole of the different types of CrossFit shoes to ensure that it is built for the amount of friction
  • Design: Not as crucial as the first two, but you should make sure that you like how they look

As you probably know, CrossFit shoes are somewhat expensive. Therefore, you should always know exactly what you want before purchasing, just like you would with any other exercise equipment.


The benefits of a kettlebell

Kettlebells are the next generation of dumbbells that are guaranteed to help you get the best workout. Theywill help you gain muscles while also gaining a lean figure. Kettlebells are designed:

  • To build strength through increasing your lean muscle tissue
  • high-intensity exercising workouts
  • To allow you to always keep moving during your workout (burning more fat)

Starting out with a kettlebell

Since you don’t have to worry about getting bulky, you can start at a heavier weight, like:

  • 15lbs/8kg: (no weightlifting experience)
  • 25lb/12kg: (some experience)
  • 35lb/16kg: (A lot of experience)

Several of the best starting exercises with a kettlebell for women include:

  1. The Kettlebell Row: While bending your body, pull the kettlebell to your chest and then let it go back down.
  2. The Kettlebell Swing: While in a half-squat, swing the kettlebell from between your legs to in front of your chest.
  3. The Squat & Press: You hold the kettlebell above your head, then control it going down while performing a deep squat.

There is such a wide variety of exercises that can be done with a kettlebell. All of which can help tone your lean muscle tissue and burn fat.

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