When the weather is fine, the last thing that people want to do is sit in an enclosed restaurant and not making the best opportunity of the sun. The outdoors option if the weather permits is a more popular choice. Unfortunately, not all restaurants give customers the chance to sit outside. Here are some of the benefits of restaurants having outdoor seating.

Attract Customers

Customers will be attracted to eating outdoors especially if there is good restaurant patio furniture. Here you will find that many customers walking by a restaurant will have a look at the food when passing, taking a glimpse of what people are eating. As potential customers walk by, it is an excellent opportunity for restaurants to showcase their fantastic food and entice new customers to come in and try.

When the weather is particularly good, people will maybe choose to have their dinner or lunch in an outdoor setting. If there are two restaurants next to each other and one offers outdoor seating for food and the other doesn’t then the likelihood is that the customer will go to the one that allows you to sit outdoors.



When there are significant sporting events on, then it is common for people to go out somewhere to watch it. That somewhere could be at a bar or even a restaurant. You will find that a lot of restaurants now have outdoor TVs to cater to people who prefer to sit outside, have a bite to eat and watch the sports. If there is a conflict of sports appetite and only one TV, then there is a problem!


When I think of outdoor restaurant seats, I think of not only tables for food but some sofa’s and place to relax if having a coffee. There are many different furniture types available for different settings which include exquisite quality restaurant patio furniture. Outdoor furniture does not need to be expensive either.

Remember though that if you buy poor quality furniture, this is the first thing that customers receive and will affect the potential custom. If people are walking by and see scruffy furniture, then they will jump to a conclusion (rightly or wrongly) that the service and food may not be to the best standard.

Staff Morale

Working as a waiter or waitress in a restaurant can be a tough, challenging job. If these people are working in an overcrowded restaurant inside then, it just makes the overall staff morale a lot lower. Even if the restaurant is always busy, you will find that they will be a lot happier working outdoors where there is maybe a breeze that can help cool them down. If the restaurant is on the coast, then they get an even better bonus.