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Finding a suitable employee in the industry of information technology can be a really hard task, especially if you have a new company. The entire process of IT recruitment begins with taking in applications, shortlisting candidates based on their skill set, and then further shortlisting them through interviews until you finally choose the right person. In order to avoid all the hassles that we just mentioned, there are a few tips listed below that could help you pick the right staff-


  1. Always be prepared to start ahead of time- in an industry where the best skill sets are in high demand, it is important for you to get ahead of all the other employers trying to get the same candidates you are looking at. Instead of approaching prospective candidates only when you need them for the job, try and create a rapport with them in advance. This way, when you do need them to fill a position for you, they would already have a positive relationship with your company
  2. Hire Quickly- it is necessary for you to hire your staff at the earliest, especially if you know that your competitors are also looking to hire. This does not mean you simply offer the job to the first person who applies. Once you vet your list of candidates and have a fair idea of how each person’s skills and qualifications are placed, do not waste a lot of time in waiting around for better candidates to show up.
  3. Understand what the need of the top candidate is- if you’ve figured out the whole process of recruitment and how to make it run smoothly and efficiently but the candidates you are attracting are not up to the mark, you should take a second look at what you are offering them. In today’s age, individuals want more than just good pay, they also want an enhancing work culture, benefits, and work that they will be interested in. Do your research so that you attract the right crowd!
  4. Widen your search- most graduates today use job portals and social media to apply and look for jobs. For you to find the right candidates, make sure that you are available on all these portals as well so that you don’t accidentally miss out on individuals who fit your job description perfectly
  5. Partner with an IT recruiter- this is probably the simplest and easiest thing for you to do when it comes to hiring IT staff. In addition to knowing the market inside out, they will also have a fair idea of how to match individuals to the job. Additionally, they probably already have a list of candidates from which they can pick and choose

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