How to Train a Kitten to Behave?

Sometimes when you bring in a kitten from an adoption center, it might be grumpy and might not behave well initially. However, kittens are great when it comes to learning, and hence, when you start training it to behave, it will pick those things up very smoothly, and later on, will behave like a good pet. It is essential that if you, as a cat owner, want to see your grown-up cat behave, you must start training them when they are kittens. This article will look at some of the tips or some of the important points that you need to remember while training your kitten to behave.


Learning Through Association

Your kitten must know what is good and what is not. What is good to you, and what is not. Therefore, when the kitten has done something good, reward it by giving it food or a toy which it can play with. Hence, when you are rewarding it with something, it would associate that reward with good things. Now, this is also called positive reinforcement. It just goes on to mean that you are rewarding the cat when he/she is doing good things and is basically ignoring when she is not doing that, which would make the cat think whenever it does something. At the end of the day, every kitten/cat like to be attended to. Hence, make it realize that it will only be attended if it shows good behavior. For instance, if your cat uses its own litter box, reward it; else, if it has taken a dump in your carpet and spilled it, ignore it. Associating something with another thing greatly helps in domesticating a pet.


It will understand the drill within some days and would take the necessary, correct actions to get attention or to get the reward.

What behavior Do You Want from the Kitten?

You must know how you would want your kitten to behave. Think about what you want from your kitten and what you don’t want from it. It would help if you also thought about the reward you would give to the kitten when acting well. Canned foods do the work most of the time, but if your kitten is not hungry, giving it, the food will not work most of the time. Instead of giving your kitten food every time it adheres to the rules, try to find a toy or a treat that your kitten will love.

Imparting training to a cat is actually pretty different from training a dog. Since dogs are meant to do certain things like ‘sit’ and ‘heel’ when said, cats are not meant for those things. But, there are certain rules that you can impose on your kitten, such as it is not allowed to climb up to curtains or not allowed to jump up to the kitchen counter. If it does so, then lift it down and quietly walk away from it. This would make it realize that you are not happy with the behavior, and hence, it wouldn’t supposedly do that next time.

Start training your kitten from a very tender age, preferably from the day it starts trusting you. It will make it develop into a good cat, who would be a pleasure to take care of.

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