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Google Glass appeal hard to see: Tim Cook

Google Glass appeal hard to see Apple honcho Tim Cook believes that Google Glass will fail to have an appeal with the masses. Instead, he believes, wearables is an “incredibly interesting” area. Speaking at All Thing’s D’s D11 conference, Cook said that he wears glasses because he has to. Not a lot of people wear them if they don’t have …

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Introducing A Great Browser Game

There are many things that make this game unique. One is the gameplay and another is the choice that the game gives you. The game gives you the choice to play with different aliens throughout the different stages of the game. The character selection that is available extends beyond just appearance. The characters also have different skill sets which will …

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Building an Attic for More Storage Space

Getting the most out of your home means using every bit of storage space available. Countless homeowners waste perfectly good rooms on the storage of random items when there is perfectly good attic space that is just waiting to be finished. By using attic space as a place to put the Christmas ornaments so they’re actually out of sight, you …

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Asus launches two new touch-based All-in-One PCs

Asus launches new touch-based All-in-One PCs Asus  has launched two new touch-based All-in-One PCs – Asus ET2013IGTI and ET2220INTI. The Asus ET2220INTI is based on Windows 8 Pro and sports a sleek modern design with a 21.5-inch, full HD LED-backlit display. The Asus ET2013IGTI is based on Windows 7 Professional and reflects a tradition of the finest quality and innovation. …

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NASA’s trio of Nexus One-powered satellites now reporting back to Earth

NASA’s trio of Nexus One-powered satellites NASA’s testing low-cost smartphone satellites Smartphones are believed to be well equipped for space as they are small and come armed with features such as powerful batteries, processors, gyroscopes, accelerometers and high-quality cameras. The goal of NASA’s PhoneSat mission is to check whether a consumer-grade smartphone is capable of becoming an inexpensive satellite. The …

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