Fundamentals Of Aviation Accident Investigation Course

At the point when the accident occurs, it is examined by the administration with locale over the region where a plane goes down. The sole goal of the examination of a mishap or occurrence is the avoidance of prevention of accidents. Investigations are conducted which complies with international standards. The target audience of Aviation Accident Investigation Course is Aviation safety professionals, Safety investigators, aviation manufacturers or practitioners.

Aviation Accident Investigation Course Structure

The primary objective of aviation accident investigation course is to make the candidates become the expert in Aircraft Accident Investigation. This course is divided into 11 modules. The first modules will be focused on basics of accident prevention followed by Regulatory aspects and planning & readiness. Next modules will be focused on an investigation of various research techniques. Next, the candidates will be trained to witness interviews and communication.



The remaining modules will be focused on analysis and technical visits. Finally, delegates are also faced with new case studies on accident investigation. This course also includes a week-long simulated accident investigation where candidates can apply new skills learned.

The course will commence from 24 April till 19, 2017.  You can book the training by visiting the link given above and fill up the online registration form.

The fatigue risk management system course gives an in-depth of understanding of fatigue risk by concentrating on building up a comprehension of fatigue science and the apparatuses used to assemble objective and subjective information. You will also be able to gain the knowledge of fatigue factor and its management. Amid the course, you will profit by genuine cases of practical methodologies taken by different associations. Before the finish of the course, you will have the capacity to build up your weakness hazard security case and look for a variety of prescriptive limitations to building up a successful career.

The course will commence from 24 Nov till 22, 2017.  To book the training, you should visit this link and fill the online form.


To pursue your dream career in aviation safety, you can opt for either Aviation Accident Investigator (AAI) or Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS).


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