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9 Things to Know before Travelling in Vietnam

Vietnam is a land of natural beauty and diverse culture. Vietnam culture is a blend of Chinese, Japanese, French and American culture. After so many struggles with French and US this country has lost all its luxury. Yet traveling in this land will give you a peaceful, lively and delightful experience for sure.


It is best to know something about the place you are going to visit. So do a thorough research about the place, people, food, transportation and culture. Here are some tips to help you for a hassle free travel in Vietnam.

  1. Don’t forget to apply for a Visa

To enter into Vietnam you need to apply for a visa. If you are planning to stay longer than 15 days you need to apply for a visa prior to your travel date. Citizens of Scaventia, south East Asia and Western Europe will get a 15 day free visa. Other country citizens have to pay a certain fee to get entry visa. Visa on arrival is also available for citizens of certain country such as US, Canada, Australia etc.

2. Exchange money from airport

You can exchange money from airport or banks. You will need to carry Vietnamese Dong or dollars while travelling. US dollar is commonly used for ticket booking, tour booking or paying for hotel. But you need to pay Dong in local shops and restaurants. So it is best to carry both while traveling around Vietnam



3. Don’t hesitate to book a travel package

You don’t have to book each and every thing before traveling. You will get travel agencies in each and every corner of the town. So it will be convenient and easy for you to book a Vietnam amazing tour through these agencies to enjoy the all tourist spots without any tension.

4. Be ready to bargain

It is very usual to bargain in Vietnam market. You can try to negotiate in each every shop. Bargaining is a part of Vietnam culture. So you can negotiate with them for a better price. But in restaurants and bars the price is fixed. You can get all sporting stuff for cheap price. Many brands have manufacturing unit here so you can get some quality products for less price.

5. Don’t worry about Wi-Fi

You don’t have to worry about internet connection. You will get fantastic free Wi-Fi connection everywhere like cafes, restaurants, hotels etc. But you will not get 4G in Vietnam.

6. Don’t go for public transportation

All city bus will be crowded so it is best to avoid them for transportation. Also, trains are so slow and old-fashioned. You can choose sleeper buses to travel from one city to other. You can purchase tickets from travel agencies or from any booking office. These buses are clean and offer individual reclining seats, clean toilets and free Wi-Fi.

7. Don’t forget to enjoy traditional Vietnamese dishes

Try some traditional Vietnamese food from streets or local restaurants. All shops are hygienic so don’t worry about quality of food. Vietnamese prefers spicy food so be prepared to eat them. Some popular dishes are Bun Cha, Pho, Banh Mi etc. Also try their tasty strong coffee from one of the local coffee shop.

8. Keep your valuable things safe

Vietnam is a safe place but small theft like snatching things on busy streets will happen on streets. So it is best to keep your valuable items securely. Also be careful with your items while travelling on a night bus.

9. Check weather conditions before traveling

The best time to visit Vietnam is from January to March. It is best to avoid the rainy season. Carry light jackets and summer clothes to wear while traveling. But if you are visiting temples try to carry a pashmina with you; which is a traditional shawl to wrap around your shoulder.

Vietnam is an amazing country to travel if you take all these tips seriously. It has everything from beaches, waterfalls, mountains and jungles. So explore this extremely country and you will love it for sure.

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