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Cougar sighted near Victoria General Hospital

A cougar spotted 3 times on Sunday can also have left a densely populated Saanich neighborhood and headed for the place around Victoria General Hospital.

Conservation officer Peter Pauwels is tracking the cougar’s route and thinks the animal is no longer within the area of Hampton Park.

“The closing document of a cougar sighting I obtained became nowadays around Knockan Hill just north of Victoria General Hospital,” Pauwels stated Monday. “Just looking at the map, I’m confident the animal is headed to a much extra suitable vicinity.”

The reviews of sightings began Sunday morning simply after the middle of the night inside the region around the Uptown shopping center. Later that nighttime, greater reports put the big cat near Hampton Park.

The most alarming name got here from a homeowner who observed the cougar at his lower back fence just meters away from his canine, in line with Saanich police.

Cougar sighted near Victoria General Hospital 1

“It’s closely populated to get calls from that vicinity; it’s clearly unexpected for us,” said Saanich police spokesperson Sgt. Julie Fast.

Saanich police remind residents to report cougar sightings without delay, maintain pet meals inside, and do now not go away pets outdoor inside the backyard in a single day.

The majority are busy getting their Christmas cards in the mail with the vacations right across the corner. If you are also planning a wedding or have been married, you may have wedding information you need to percentage with several humans as properly. In a few cases, it’s miles viable to kill birds with one stone by combining your wedding ceremony news and season’s greetings into one card. Learn a pleasant way to do it right here.

Combining a shop the date with a holiday card can not most effective be realistic, but amusing. If you’re planning to get married inside the summer season, the winter months are a really perfect time to get out the advance observe, so why now not do it at the same time you send your excursion cards? One idea is to send a widespread greeting card and insert a magnet and save the date details into the equal envelope. This works very well because if you send Christmas cards to all and sundry who will no longer be on the wedding visitor list, all you have to do is omit the store the date magnet from their envelope. The magnet is an excellent idea because it could be extraordinary enough from the cardstock to get no longer omitted when the card is opened.

Cougar sighted near Victoria General Hospital 2

If you propose to invite all of us for your holiday card listing on your wedding (or do no longer mind making separate Christmas playing cards), it would be tremendously amusing to make a custom-designed excursion card that turned into additionally a shop the date. This concept might also work just as nicely for an engagement announcement. One couple I knew made a couple of snowmen and stretched a banner among them that stated: “We’re engaged!”. The snowmen’s photo became printed on their holiday playing cards with their names and served as an adorable excursion/engagement statement.

Many households nevertheless send out an extended letter as a part of their holiday mailings. There’s the question of whether or not to include a point out of the engagement inside the family news. There are colleges of notion on that query. Some human beings sense that it might be impolite to announce an engagement in a general letter if not all people receiving one can also be invited to the wedding. On the other hand, an engagement is a massive news in a family, so it’d be extraordinary to miss such an important spotlight on the yr. The best advice is if the bride or groom’s family decides to include the engagement information, it needs to be simply more than one strain within a longer letter of standard news. Few people will take that as the promise of an approaching wedding invitation.

The vacation cards can provide an appropriate possibility to announce their marriage to all and sundry who became no longer present for individuals who are currently married. A line in the cards sharing the news would be a clean manner to unfold the word. It might be very quality to consist of a small photo of the bride in her gown and pearl necklace status together with her groom in his tux. If you think humans may be involved, it’d additionally be okay to consist of a line directing human beings to the photographer’s website to look for extra wedding pix. On the other hand, some human beings are probably irritated to see pix of different people having amusing at your wedding when they have been now not invited, so suppose cautiously about this.

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