Wednesday , January 11 2017
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How Facebook Graph Search will ignite a search revolution

Facebook Facebook‘s Graph Search is the future of search. Even before Google was a verb, the search engine Holy Grail was to deliver you the most relevant search results despite not knowing who you were and what exactly you were looking for. Now Facebook can stop guessing who you are—because it already knows you—and start serving up hyper-personalized answers tailored to you …

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Facebook starts gifting service

    Facebook is now beginning its first steps When Facebook bought Karma, a gift giving start-up in May, this year, the social networking giant’s plans to get into the space of gift giving, became a little more clear. Facebook is now beginning its first steps in that direction by rolling out ‘Gifts’. This new service means that now users …

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Google integrates Google+ photos into Search

Google integrates Google+ photos Google has been coming up with a set of really interesting additions to enhance the users’ online experience. The latest on the list is an announcement that the company made on Thursday which is an interesting mesh between its main Google search service and Google+ Photos. Basically, Google allows you to search for your photos on …

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Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer to give keynote at CES 2014

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is slated to present a keynote at CES 2014. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is ready to speak on the upcoming 2014 global consumer Electronics convey in Las Vegas. The consumer Electronics affiliation, which places on the annual tech conference, introduced Tuesday that Mayer will ship a keynote handle at CES as a part of its Tech …

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Fiery annular solar eclipse to be broadcast live on Internet

Fiery annular solar eclipse An annular solar eclipse shown in a NASA Science video. It’s that time again where certain people on Earth are lucky enough to see an annular eclipse, or “ring of fire.” People on the ground in much of Australia, Papua New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands will be able to gaze toward the sky Thursday evening …

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