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Misspell Google search terms? It’s probably hunger

Misspell Google search terms? Well, indeed. It’s hard to know whether those who can’t spell are stressed, oppressed by excess multitasking, or merely uneducated. The people behind the highly nutritious Snickers bar decided to prove that it might be none of the above. It is, they posited, merely hunger that drives you to ignorance. So, as AdAge reports, Snickers got …

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Microsoft: Facebook Home? Wait, that’s Windows Phone

Microsoft: Facebook Home? You may have been one of those who felt enthralled and delighted at Mark Zuckerberg’s launch of Facebook Home yesterday. You also may have felt appalled and slighted. Especially if you worked at Microsoft in 2011. The morning after the morning before, Microsoft’s forthright head of PR, Frank X. Shaw, offered words to suggest he’d have liked …

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Edward Snowden Seeking Asylum in Ecuador With Help From Wikileaks

According to an announcement from the Hong Kong government, PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden, has left Hong Kong. The Hong Kong government resisted pressures from the US to extradite Snowden, saying that “the documents provided by the US government did not fully comply with the legal requirements under Hong Kong law”. They have also requested clarification regarding reports that the US …

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Citymaps aims to make maps social

  Maps are where it’s at. Just ask Google, which bought maps app Waze for more than $1 billion, or Apple, which snapped up two small mapping startups earlier this month.Enter Citymaps, which bills itself as a social map that helps people discover new places rather than simply get directions to a destination. The New York-based startup launched a new, …

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