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5 ways to Get Traffic without using Google

The willingness of all companies that use the web as a marketing platform to benefit from relevant and qualified traffic to their website. To get there, the best strategy is certainly to practice SEO and be visible both on competitive keywords and long tail queries. But to further maximize its chances of being visible (or to compensate for any Google …

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The right IT training resource is the key: The TOP 18 IT resources

There are some truly profitable affirmations which are given by a variety of merchants out there.These certificates are truly essential since it is clear to the point that they can help somebody get some great future. It might be troublesome for you to find the right IT destinations which guarantee 100 % accomplishment to you and can train you for …

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Facebook comes up at Recommendations Bar for websites

Facebook is trying to force itself into every aspect of your life, and it’s succeeding at doing so. Today the massive social networking site rolled out a new feature called the Recommendations Bar, which will pop up when you’re visiting to website to show you what your friends liked and shared from that website as well. The Recommendations Bar will …

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How Are You Managing Your Data?

The internet and your computer itself are the places where most data is being stored, whether it’s your personal data or work stuff. Before computers became a household thing people had file cabinets full of paperwork and wrote things in notebooks that they stored in boxes (and might still have around). In recent years, with the coming of cloud storage, …

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