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Misspell Google search terms? It’s probably hunger

Misspell Google search terms? Well, indeed. It’s hard to know whether those who can’t spell are stressed, oppressed by excess multitasking, or merely uneducated. The people behind the highly nutritious Snickers bar decided to prove that it might be none of the above. It is, they posited, merely hunger that drives you to ignorance. So, as AdAge reports, Snickers got …

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The Top 5 Things to Expect From the 115th Congress

There’s been a lot of speculation about what will happen in America when the new president takes office in a few weeks, but little has been written about the legislature. With the Republican party having control of two branches of government and a green light to tip the balance in the judiciary, the people in the U.S. – as well …

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The Role Of SEO Consultants In Small Businesses

The changing landscape of digital and online marketing places a significant burden on a company’s marketing team and more importantly, the need for significant return on its marketing budget. Social media management, digital asset creation and maintenance and the development of a holistic, viable and scalable online marketing plan requires a judicious mix of traditional and online marketing strategies that …

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Why you should be wary of India’s CMS

The Countess of Snow don, Princess Margaret, had as soon as famously stated, “i have as much privateers as a goldfish in a bowl.” while she didn’t predict her remark to carry a lot relevance these days, the truth in it’s for all to look. Is your on-line lifestyles private? never prior to within the history of the web has …

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Microsoft: Facebook Home? Wait, that’s Windows Phone

Microsoft: Facebook Home? You may have been one of those who felt enthralled and delighted at Mark Zuckerberg’s launch of Facebook Home yesterday. You also may have felt appalled and slighted. Especially if you worked at Microsoft in 2011. The morning after the morning before, Microsoft’s forthright head of PR, Frank X. Shaw, offered words to suggest he’d have liked …

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