Baby Cade’s Guide To Making Money With Your Blog Content

Key Terms

EPC = “Earnings Per Click.”

CTR = “Click-Thru Ratio.”

CTC = “Cut The Check” (coined utilizing Rasheed Wallace)

Passion is the essence of a hit online content [http://www.Fantasybaseballmonster.Com] introduction. With the appearance of Blogger and different clean-use running blog platforms, even the unsavvy laptop person can position content material on the web for others to read and respond to. It’s even more enjoyable to make money from speaking your ardor to others…and it is so easy.


I trust that most readers of this text are, as a minimum, adept enough to begin a weblog with Blogger and perhaps even area a Google Contextual Ad within the code. However, there are many steps to maximize your “blogging” ability to attain your target market and make money from blog visitors.

Using a real example, I will give you a method you could effortlessly follow, with little infant steps, to allow you to earn profits with your net content material.

My Passion

“You recognize what I like? Baseball!”

Robert De Niro as Al Capone in “The Untouchables”

I am a delusional sports junkie. To me, 14-6-eight aren’t simply SERPS; they could also be Boris Diaw’s basketball stat line. Now that delusion basketball season has ended (and I did win my league), I can focus complete time on fantasy baseball.

During this newsletter’s route, I will create and monetize a weblog about one of my delusion baseball teams ([http://www.Fantasybaseballmonster.Com]). I will use Blogger as my platform, even though I will host the blog myself (and I strongly suggest you try this as well). I will take you through the introduction and monetization procedure and provide my first put-up. I encourage you to duplicate my entire process while you create your weblog…I assume you may be glad about the effects.

My Process

First, I installed my account and input the pertinent FTP facts. I could operate with the “Sand Dollar” Blogger template for this exercise. It isn’t the most aesthetically beautiful of the picks, but it will allow me to area my skyscraper commercials down the left facet of the web page without changing the CSS in the code. Studies have shown that people viewing your internet site are more likely to work with content material at the left margin of the page (see the Google Eye Tracking Study for extra detail). So that it will maximize my weblog monetization, my ads might be positioned on the left.

Once I enter the Blogger interface, I click the “Settings” tab to begin my customization. Many default settings should remain unchanged…I will only focus on those that ought to be altered.

(Basic Tab) Title: Your center keyword (s) must be for your identity. “Fantasy Baseball” is mine…for this reason, “Tru Fantasy Warrior’s (the name of my team adapted from the Ron Artest rap report label) Fantasy Baseball Blog” is an attainable title for search engine optimization functions.

Description: It needs to contain your secondary keywords. In my case, they would be my fable baseball group members. I list each name here.

(Publishing Tab)

File Name, URL: TheYourcdocument’s called to be “index. Shtml” instead of “index.Html.” Note that if Blogger Web hosts your blog, you may do this.

Notify Weblogs.Com: Click “Yes”

(Formatting Tab) Show: I tend to favor displaying several content materials on the home web page. I might raise the number that’s the default…how would tons rely on the quantity of content so one can be created?

Post Template: I could tag all my posts with the Technorati tag for “fable baseball.” I go to Technorati, click on the “tag” tab, and determine that I need to feature the subsequent code into the “Post Template”:

<a target=”_new” rel=”no follow” href=”http://technorati.Com/tag/fantasy+baseball”>myth baseball</a>
(Archive Tab): Archive Frequency: Choose “Daily” Getting Content

I will sign up for Google News Alerts for each crew member. Each day, I will acquire an email containing news stories about that player…their actions on the sphere will force my postings.

Placing an RSS Feed on the Blog

Placing an RSS feed on the blog will not best offer my readers applicable content material about the focused difficulty they have. Still, it’s also going to resource any seo efforts.

I will create a simple RSS feed for my blog with a view to consciousness on a few games on my delusion baseball squad. Note that this gained paintings if Blogger is hosting your weblog.

I go to Google News and click on Advanced Search.
I create my search, and I see those results.
There are two primary feed types: RSS and Atom. Google News permits you to create both kinds of feeds. I click on the Atom hyperlink.

I take the URL of the Atom Feed to Feedburner, a provider that permits me to lay out my feed in a manner that lets me include it on my weblog. I locate the meal inside the “Burn this feed right this instantaneous” field and observe the stairs till my feed stays, and I get a brand new “Feed URL.”

Moving forward, I now need to download some software to display the feed on my blog. RSS2HTML is what I use. This software program will only work if my web host supports PHP. Although I’m positive that easy-to-put-in-force ASP solutions exist properly, I haven’t used them.

I unzipped the downloaded zip report and saw the two essential documents I must upload to my webserver: rss2html: personal home page and pattern-template.Html. I open the latter record (if you don’t have an HTML editor, use “Notepad” on your PC). At the pinnacle of the web page, I delete the whole thing among the identifying tags, the h1 tags, and the h2 tags.

I then changed the “Table Width” from one hundred to 30%. These are merely stylistic changes that I am making. I then shop the document and add both copies to the foundation of my webserver.
I cross back into Blogger, and I open my Template. I scroll down till I see
“div id= “sidebar”

Remember how I generated a Feedburner URL (step #four above)? I want it now. I place the following code immediately under
“div id= “sidebar”

When you try this yourself, use your Feedburner URL with mine. I store the Template and republish it to the internet. I have to see my feed on the sidebar of my blog.

The First Post

Each day, I will get a sequence of Google News Alerts emailed about my fantasy team’s contributors. My everyday postings can be guided using my thoughts and about my crew. The sample publishes I blanketed turned into driven via reading a news alert about Ichiro’s first proper sport of the year and how I traded Miguel Tejada for Ichiro, which turned into a ridiculous movie. Since Ichiro is my post’s focus, I use his call in my put-up title. I then continue with my mini-rant (making sure to consist of all the gamers involved).

In addition to my Technorati tag for “delusion baseball,” I also upload tags for “Ichiro Suzuki” and “Miguel Tejada,” which serves the purpose of having my Website online into Technorati for human beings looking for those players. Technorati also tags grow the keyword density of these phrases inside the weblog, aiding the search engine marketing effort.

If you’re new to the blogosphere, you’ll, in the long run, broaden your posting style… usually, use your centered keywords in every put-up.


Google Ads / Affiliate Programs

One needs to increase a certain quantity of content before observing and being generic into the Google AdSense Program (I’m leaving out Yahoo’s application as it’s in beta). Since I have already got an AdSense Account, I can pass this step.

I will present you with multiple significant regulations that superior AdSense Publishers recognize and use to increase their Website’s revenue era.

Make the historical past of your ad the same color as the page’s history. On my fable baseball blog, I have decided to locate my advertisements within the “frame” of the weblog…the coloration of #F6F6F6. I want to personalize my ads, which mix into the blog history. Within the AdSense interface, I click on “Custom Palettes.” I visited the “White” palette and updated the heritage and border colorings with “F6F6F6”. I then keep my custom palette to be used in my blog.

The 2nd cardinal rule of maximizing AdSense revenue is to make your commercials look like they’re a part of your weblog content material. Given that I can see the simplest area with a maximum of 3 advertisements on a web page, I make the following picks:
Without delay, I want a 728 x 90 Leaderboard Ad above my maximum current post. Making positive I’m the usage of my custom palette, in my blog template, I drop my code simply after
“div identification=mainClm.”

I take a 300 x 250 Medium Rectangle Ad and locate it immediately above my RSS Feed in my sidebar.
I withhold using my 0.33 advert for now. I will hold to test with distinctive advert placement.
Given the ever-present nature of contextual advertising, many new publishers forget that they can become individuals of affiliate applications and make money through the income of affiliate merchandise. For “ease-of-use” functions, I advise that beginner publishers join one of the larger associated networks Commission Junction, Linkshare, and Shareasale are the most outstanding).

When I select an affiliate service provider for my blog, I recognize that I want a good nexus to make an income between the service provider and the blog situation. I realize I have finished and properly made sales with anti-growing old products with first-rate payouts with some of my more senior, more installed websites. However, I wouldn’t consider putting the one’s banners on this weblog because my target audience won’t be interested. I choose the sports products service provider right here to be more likely to make sales for me, although the payouts are less.

Blog and Ping

Why do that step? Search engines like Google recognize that I am persevering to replace my weblog with sparkling content to permit the diverse running of a blog.

The simplest way to “weblog and ping” is to surf over to Pingoat.com. I fill out the records asked and my Website feed URL (which is determined in the Blogger Interface by clicking Settings / Site Feed). I will come back to this web page periodically to repeat the system.


Link-building is an important part of search engine optimization, so I will want to build links into my weblog as a good way to pressure extra visitors into it. Many articles were written about the way to create hyperlinks. For functions of this exercise, I will follow a newbie’s technique to construct a few applicable links quickly and effortlessly.

I go to Linkmarket.Net and sign up for my internet site. I upgraded to the full club.
I downloaded and deployed the Google Toolbar.
I now have the potential to alternate unlimited links with over 40,000 websites. I only need to change hyperlinks with websites applicable to mine. Trading hyperlinks with pharmaceutical websites doesn’t assist me with search engine optimization for a fable baseball website, nor will it gain my site visitors. I click through to the Sports Directory of Link Market.

I offer to trade hyperlinks with each Website within the Fantasy and Baseball Categories (and if I’m feeling simply aggressive, I’ll deal hyperlinks with the Basketball, Football, and Hockey websites, as nicely). Before I alternate links with a domain, I go to the Website to test its Google Page Rank. It does not know the Page Rank, so long as it’s not zero.

If the internet site accepts my provider to exchange, I am their code in my Website Template in the sidebar beneath my hyperlinks header.
I will most absolutely get offers from other websites supplying to change hyperlinks with me, which I’ll be given as long as a link to that site could be valuable to my weblog site visitors (and if their websites don’t have a Google Page Rank of 0).
Note that to obtain lengthy-time period SEO success, you’ll want to earn inbound links…not just change for them.


When you are speaking your passion to the world, it doesn’t sense like work. It’s even higher when you’re simultaneously telling your ardor to the sector and being profitable. If you haven’t participated in this maximum basic online commerce area earlier, I invite you to leap. I’ve tried to spoon-feed you a procedure that could easily be followed using someone with a minimal technical background. If you pick to embark on one of these journeys, it’ll be profitable, educational, and lots of fun.

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