A Beginners Guide to Male Sex Toys

Although male sex toys aren’t as abundant as female toys, it doesn’t mean that men shouldn’t try them out.

The best male sex toy can help you attain higher pleasure levels compared to manual masturbation. Further, they’ll bring health benefits from relieving stress to an improved immune system.


Using them with a partner increases the chance of orgasm, which is a fantastic way to spruce things up in your bedroom.

But before delving into various benefits of male sex toys, let’s look at some myth busts.

A Male Sex Toy Myth Busting

In the recent past, many females are taking up the role of pleasuring themselves via toys. In most cases, this is seen as liberating and a sign of individual sex control.

However, that’s not the case for men who seek to use sex toys. It’s seen as a dirty secret that degrades masculine values. But why the double standards?

Well, different people have varied opinions on why men shouldn’t use sex toys. But the most disturbing is where such men are thought to be gay.

But that’s not true; there’s no relationship between using sex toys and being gay. You can be straight and use a sex toy. Still, there’s nothing wrong with being gay.

However, a man who uses these toys values pleasure — a person who cares about their partner’s sexual satisfaction and someone conscious of their health.

So, don’t shy away from buying one if you feel like it.

With this in mind, here’s everything you need to know before investing in this gadget. Ensure it delivers pleasure to match your expectations.

If You Love It, Put a Ring on It

Cockrings work to restrict blood flow, giving a fuller-looking erection. If you’re using it alone, it’ll help develop response and control. You’ll need it when you’re having intimate relations with your spouse.

Incidentally, it’s important to note the health benefits associated with regular self-pleasuring sessions. For instance, it helps relieve stress and cure pain by releasing happy neurochemicals like oxytocin and dopamine.

Plus, do you know ejaculation ups your cortisol levels that help maintain and boost your immune system. In simpler terms, that’s just what your doctor orders.

Innovations in Intimacy

Masturbation sleeves are on the rise, and it’s not hard to see the reasons why. If using your hand seems pretty awesome, how about thrusting in an organ that recreates a proper orifice?

Even better, some brands are adding vibrating motors for increased stimulation.

Prostrate Delights

A sex toy helps increase prostate massages. It helps reduce the risk of contracting prostrates and prostate cancer. It does all this while resolving things like erectile dysfunction.


Men who adore pleasure love sex toys. Its benefits cut through health and enjoyment. It helps you become a better lover to your spouse while boosting your immune system. With all this, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t explore your sensuality with a fantastic sex toy or two. Take your time to select the best that meets your expectations.

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