What is a WordPress Theme Framework?

Old is gold, we all heard this and still use to from our elders, yes true also, but talking about technologies, we can say them it is not true in case of technologies. As passing years, upcoming advanced technologies, and updated features, we all want something new, new functions, new features, and updated versions. Well, here I am talking about WordPress. The old version lacks most functions and features, and to overcome those issues, WordPress Theme Framework came into existence.

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Consider the possibility that you understood that a similar code you had been utilizing most of your themes had a security misuse. Significantly increasingly essential, consider the possibility that this theme was something that you freely release for others to download and alter. Truly, that is turmoil holding on to occur. The center group and the network chose to fix the issues referenced above by presenting the Parent Theme and Child Theme’s idea.

WordPress Theme Framework is proposed to be utilized as a parent theme format where all the usefulness lives. Developers would then be able to make a child theme to include custom styling while at the same time leaving the useful parts of it to the framework.

The advantage of using WordPress Framework:

One of the major advantages of using the WordPress Theme Framework is its updates and improvements. These changes can be done easily without disturbing the appearance and settings of the child theme.

This advantage helps you get up to date, safe data without any risk of loss and changes.

For web developers, assembling a WordPress theme for a specific system enables you to saddle the highlights and usefulness of the structure and skirt ahead to make the theme’s plan and appearance.

Some Disadvantages:

Unnecessary code – sometimes it often happens that you receive more than your needs, which on the other hand is not your requirement; in the same way, Framework comes with various in-built functionalities, which often is not your requirement.

Framework limitations – frameworks often have limitations. To accomplish super customizations, you may need to supersede center documents or present a fix to be incorporated into future updates.

Why should one use a Theme Framework?

As referenced, one of the advantages of utilizing a WordPress Theme Framework, instead of a standard WordPress theme, is that it can make exchanging themes less demanding. However, if you remain with a similar system, pick an alternate theme that has been based on that structure; the movement can regularly be much simpler.

Another motivation to pick a WordPress Framework for your site is contingent upon the structure; it may be a decent sign of the theme’s nature. For instance, the Genesis Framework has an extremely decent notoriety for being protected and all around the coded item. This implies on the off chance that you pick a theme controlled by the Genesis Framework, you can be sure that it will be a quick stacking, hearty theme.

Normally, you’ll see that mainstream Frameworks have great help networks that have developed around them. This implies on the off chance that you keep running into issues or you need to tweak your theme, you can swing to the network for help.

SKT Framework Themes:

As all the SKT Themes come with the framework, I will illustrate you all with some amazing SKT WordPress Theme Framework here in this blog.

SKT Adventure:


Adventure WordPress Theme comes with its updated WordPress features and the main features of the framework. The theme is multipurpose and good to use. It is effortless, dynamic, easy to handle, stunning, and creative; this adventure with all the WordPress theme framework’s updated versions is an eye charming theme. This theme builds for the adventure, tour, tourists travel, travelers, tourists guide, traveling, etc., with all the updated shortcodes and plugins. This theme in every aspect has the framework details.

Maintenance Services Pro:


Well, as I said all our SKT Themes includes the features of the framework, with this I am mentioning here another theme named as Maintenance Services WordPress Theme with WooCommerce compatible, Gutenberg compatible this theme is a multi-functional theme for electrical agency, home services, maintenance agency, plumbing and remodeling, small business, and related websites. Build for the builder, construction, contractor, electrician, engineer, fix, freelancer, handyman, home maintenance, maintenance, mechanic, painter, plumber, renovation, repairman, etc.; this theme is even good for the startups too. As the WordPress Theme Framework comes with updated and latest features and adds a glimpse in the WordPress theme, similar in a way, this theme also helps to get one with its updated and customize features.

SKT Gym Pro:


There is a lot more theme related to fitness and health care in SKT Themes. Fitness Zone WordPress Theme is one among them. The theme is best suited for health care, Yoga, aerobics, Zumba, Ayurveda, Gym, Fitness trainers, a health zone, etc.; this theme is considered one of the topmost SKT Themes with all the main features and functions. SEO optimized and SMO friendly, this fitness theme helps to target more user traffics. This theme offers an eCommerce platform for selling services through an online medium to retailers, shops, store owners, etc.; the theme is best for mobile-friendly users, handy, easy to customize, and a lot more features.

Finally and Lastly:

This blog lets you know and clears the ideas about Framework and its use in WordPress. WordPress frameworks come with advanced and amazing features that capture everyone’s eyes towards designing and developing a WordPress theme. The framework gives a code quality, with in-built widgets and additional functionality; using a theme framework will drastically reduce the development time and make things easier for a long time. With a huge community behind the framework theme, it becomes easy to get support systems easily. With this, I am now confident enough that you will get the rest of your doubts clear regarding the WordPress Theme Framework. Have this blog and explore more!

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