7 Things You Need to Start a Bail Bonds Business

If you want to start your bail business, it is a good idea because this industry is growing quickly. Additionally, if you plan to get a start from home rather than opening an office, then the picture is even greater because, for this, you will need a small investment. As you will establish a good base and earn enough profit, you can switch to a good location with a good office. But wherever you like to start your bail bonds business, there are certain things you must keep in mind and follow to get an amazing start.

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This article will share some of these necessary things to help you in your bail bonds business. Although these points will look obvious, many people overlook them and face loss in their business. To get business off the ground, following these small points and staying focused on them is essential.

Selection of Office Location

When you enter the bail bond business, you must open your office in the jail’s vicinity. This is important because your client base is in prison, and people in trouble would not like to search far-off places. Rather, they would want to contact someone close to them and whom they can visit easily.

When you are nearby, your clients will feel that you are easily accessible and available to them. It will be easy for them to know you and your business’s progress and comfortably trace down the advancement in their case. So, selecting an office location is the first and most important thing you can do to give your bail bonds business a good kick-start.

Another important point to consider here is that when you establish your office, it is important to ensure that you open it in the state where you get the law education. Every state has laws that cannot be applied to any other form. For instance, if you have Los Angeles Bail Bonds business experience, you cannot work efficiently in any other city or state because your rules will not apply there.

Register your Business

Any business you start in any state you are obliged to register your business in that state. Otherwise, you will not be eligible to carry it out. To register your business, you must go to the website of the secretary of your respective state. You can register your business name on that website by paying the required fee. The fee may range from 500 to 800 dollars, which is quite affordable for a business owner.

Now, once you are done with your bail bonds business registration, starting it without any problem becomes straightforward. You are now able to carry out all your business activities legitimately. No one would ever ask you why and how you created it because being registered means the state government has authorized you to start a business.

Get License

Different states issue licenses for bail bonds business according to their terms and conditions. Some states issue the bail bonds business only to those who have crossed the age of 18 and have some high school diploma in this field. According to the state governments, it is essential first to confirm the person’s financial stability before starting a particular business and then allow them to start the business. In another case, there will be problems for that person in the future, and the legal authorities will sort out the situation for the clients who get stuck with that failed bail bonds business.

If you fulfill the financial age and education criteria to get into the bail bonds business, you still have to go through one more step to get your license. This step is to take the exam of a national bail bonds agent. This exam consists of almost 60 multiple choice questions and a completely about survey. There is a time limit to finish the exam, and the candidate must score 70 percent marks to get the license. This is how bail binds business licenses to be secured. It is not easy, but necessary, so you must prepare yourself well.

Set Rates

The bail bond rates are selected depending on the percentage of the bail bond. For instance, you start your bail bond company with the bail bonds to change your client about 10 percent of the total bonds. In this way, if your bail bond is ten thousand dollars, your cost to the client will be a thousand dollars.

When you start this business, you have to be clear about the rates you want to set for your clients. Make careful calculations of how much profit you want to earn and how much you must offer your clients. Another important point to consider here is that it never provides too many clients’ rates to afford. Your rates must be fair to earn a good profit and for your client to spend easily.

Whatever the type of bail bonds business you have started, it will be useless if you do not advertise and market it carefully. It is an essential thing that you must consider, especially if you are new in this business. Let people know about you, your products, and your services so that they may attract and come to you for help.

Advertisement and marketing can be done in many ways. You can use print, electronic, and social media to do this. The most popular and successful one among these is social media nowadays. You can make a page about your bail bond business firm and put all the updates on it. You can also ask your clients to give reviews on that page. People visiting your page and reading the information will contact you to get help for their cases.

Procedures for Bail Jumpers

This is probably your biggest risk in your bail bonds business career. For instance, a client hires you and gets the bail bond from you. After getting the bail, he disappears and never comes to the court for the case proceedings; you have to face the consequences all along. First of all, you lose all the bail bond money; secondly, the additional money you will spend searching for the client would also be your loss.

Keeping this in mind, when you start your bail bond business, you have to make sure that you have a proper arrangement for a bounty hunter specializing in hunting the escaped client. They will charge you money but will help you in a great way.

Establish Your Office

When you plan all the above points and feel prepared to start your business practices, this is the right time to establish your business office. You have to choose a prominent and visible retail office for the clients. As your client would need to visit your office during the day and night, your office must be comfortable. Also, you must develop a complete system of tracking the bail bonds your client buys from you. Other than this, there are some simple gadgets and tools that every office needs to have. You can buy a medium level of these products at the start. Once you earn enough, you can change and get the best one for yourself.


Considering all these points, you must be very clear about how to start a bail bonds business successfully. These are simple things, but their impact on your business will be too much. None of the points could be affordably overlooked because starting this business without them is impossible.

Also, if you are a client who wants to get the best bail bond services, then again, these points are important for you because you can judge the worth of your bail bond agent with these. No matter which state of America you live in, you have to carefully select a bail guarantor to complete the case in your favor. Below is the address of one of the most renowned bail bonds business owners in Los Angeles. You can visit their office for the best advice to start this business and select a bail bond agent for your case.


  • “Bail Bonds
  • 554 S. San Vicente Blvd.
  • Suite 160-B
  • Los Angeles, CA 90048
  • 323-579-1415

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