Ways to get relief from Sciatica pain…

Have you heard of sciatica pain? Ever woke up to the agony of suffering through this pain? The sciatic nerve, which starts from the lower spine, goes from the buttocks to the feet through the legs. It is responsible for providing sensation and strength to leg and foot muscles. A pinch in the nerve, structural issues of pelvis and spine, prolonged sitting and hip, muscle or tendon injuries can trigger sciatica, a pain very hard to bear and causes numbness, tingling, and weakness in the legs.

If you also suffer from this pain and want to get relieved of it by doing some exercise at home itself, just read on and follow the tips listed in the article.

Sciatica pain...


Reclining pigeon pose

This is a ubiquitous yoga pose and helps in opening the hips. Start with the reclining pose and advance as you go further.

  • Lie down on your back and take your right leg to a 90degree angle. Lock your fingers by taking your hands behind your thighs.
  • Now lift your the natural sciatica treatments which work better in 2018.

    Standing hamstring stretch

    This exercise aids in easing the pain and loosening the hamstring’s tightness, which is caused by sciatica.

    • On an elevated surface below your hip level, place your right foot. You can choose a chair, a step or even a staircase. Foot and leg should be straight.
    • Bend your body towards the foot.
    • Come back to the original position by bringing down the leg from the elevated surface very carefully and repeat with the other leg.

    No need to worry about the pain of sciatica. You can get relieved and not wake up to the pain again by following the simple ways explained above. But do as much you feel comfortable doing as per your flexibility; these might not be as easg as they feel while reading. But yes, do not wait for the next time sciatic paint hurts you; get up, try these tips, get rid of the pain, get going and enjoy!!!!!

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