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4 Signs You Need To Find A New IT Support Company

Outsourcing IT support is great – as long as you find a high-quality, reliable service provider who can give you the level of service that you deserve. Unfortunately, there are some IT support companies out there that simply don’t have what it takes to serve their customers properly.

From long issue resolution times, to impolite support staff, server downtimes – if you choose the wrong IT support company, you could be suffering from a number of different issues.

So, what dealbreakers should you be on the lookout for? What are the signs that it’s time to break off your contract, and find a new IT support company? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

1. You Only Hear From Them If There’s A Problem

A great IT support company will be constantly monitoring your IT infrastructure and networks to make sure that everything is in good shape. Not only that, they will be working to provide preventative maintenance to reduce the chance of a serious issue like a server crash, and regularly patch and update your systems to prevent security breaches.

In other words, a good IT support firm won’t just talk to you when something’s wrong and you file a support ticket or service request. They’re integrated with your business, and in constant communication about potential problems, and how they can be fixed before they become more serious.

If you only hear silence from your IT support company – until something breaks – chances are that you could get better service elsewhere.

2. They’re Only Interested In Their Own Business – Not Yours

In the same vein as the above point, your IT services company should be deeply interested in what you do – and how they can help you succeed.

Let’s use an example. Say you run a retail business with several locations, all using the same POS (Point of Sale) system.

Would you like to have an IT support company with staff members who regularly visit your locations, suggest server upgrades and technology updates that speed up transaction times, and help you build an online storefront that integrates with your current systems?

Or would you rather have an IT support company that only shows up to your office when your servers break down (again), and seems to have no interest in doing anything but meeting the minimum requirements of their Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

We know which one we’d pick. And we think we know which one you’d pick, too.

3. Support Issues Take A Long Time To Be Resolved

When there’s something wrong at your company, a good IT support services company will do everything in their power to resolve the situation immediately, and with a minimal impact on sales and productivity.

So if you start to notice that your IT support company is taking a long time to respond – even to urgent things like system crashes, server outages, and network problems – it may be time to find a new company. You simply can’t afford to work with an IT support company that is not willing to prioritize your business.

4. You’ve Simply Outgrown Their Support Staff

In most cases, this is not the fault of the IT service provider. Maybe you’ve loved working with a particular company – but you’ve grown quickly, and they simply no longer have enough support staff to provide you with a good enough level of service.

This is unfortunate, but it does happen, especially if your current IT service provider has a large number of clients, and does not have any more staff to spare for your company.

If this is the case, you should start looking for a new company to work with. You may want to stay with your current provider – but if you keep growing and they don’t grow with you, your current issues are only going to become more difficult to deal with.

Know When It’s Time To Make The Switch – And Find A New IT Support Company

You should never have to settle for sub-par service. Making the decision to switch isn’t easy, but if you recognize any (or all) of the above issues, chances are that you’re overpaying for low-quality service, and would be better off with another company.

So think about your organizational goals, your budget, and your current IT support provider – and decide whether or not it’s time to get out there and explore your other options.

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