Ways You Can Tell Your Parents You Want to Change Majors

The worst part of deciding what you want to do is realizing that it’s not what your parents thought you wanted. What happens if you’re already enrolled in one major and wish to transfer to another degree? How do you tell your parents that they just wasted their money on a major you don’t want to take anymore? Having this conversation is dreadful, but there’s no use beating around the bush.

What major do you want to switch to? Paralegal degrees and other majors can be taken regularly or online in other states or Illinois. Maybe you can try your new major before switching to it. Take one class for some months before talking to your parents about it. That way, you have answers to questions that they might raise.


Start the Conversation Early

Don’t wait too long. It would help to start talking to your parents when you realized you were taking the wrong major. They may feel left out if you wait too long. Even if your parents are aloof and indifferent, they may only act that way so they won’t influence your decision. Make no assumptions about how your parents feel about your education. Open up the conversation with them. The earlier you talk, the less stressed you feel about the situation.

Tell Them Your Plans

Part of starting the conversation early is telling your parents about your plan. What do you plan to do after college? Why do you think this is the best major for you? Map out your goals to your parents. They will be more supportive of your decision if they understand what you are trying to achieve by changing majors.

Understand Where Your Parents Are Coming From

Are they worried that you are wasting time and money? What don’t they understand about this new path that you want to take? Maybe you want to switch from a medical degree to fine arts. That’s quite a difference. You need to understand that your parents were born at a different time. For them, medicine, law, and engineering are the only degrees that matter. If you divert from this path, they may not understand why. Try to see things from their perspective.

Plan out Your Finances

There is a chance that your parents might not be supportive of this new dream of yours. They may refuse to pay the extra year you need to switch to a new major. Be prepared by applying for a student loan or scholarship. You will need financial assistance. It would help if you also got a side job that you can do while you’re studying. Save up enough money for future expenses.

Don’t expect your parents to accept your decision fully. Listening to your reasons is enough for now. Over time, when they see you thriving in your new journey, they will embrace your chosen path.

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