Vedic Astrology: How Indians name their babies traditionally

Keeping in mind the norms of Vedic Astrology, you can discover meaningful Hindu baby names. A Hindu Vedic baby name is NOT plainly a name. It is also a ‘Mantra’ (hymn) for bringing fortune and good luck to your child. This means, whenever someone will call out her name, they will actually chant a hymn for her well-being. Guess that’s why many Indians aim to find unique Hindu baby names with Vedic Astrology.

How Reliable is Vedic Baby Naming Technique?

Despite its ancientness, excluding the knowers and believers of Hindu astrology, many people are skeptical towards the accuracy of names suggested by it.

We celebrate a festival seeing its calendar date because we believe in its ‘celestial calculations.’

Did you know that except for Christmas, most of the festivals’ dates are decided, seeing the Sun and the Moon’s movement? In addition to this, the movement of other celestial bodies like planets of our solar system, constellations, stars, etc., are also seen before fixing a festival’s date.

Our ingenious astrologers make the same kind of calculations before they suggest a name for your baby.

Hence, you can count on baby names based on Rashi and Vedic Astrology.

How Vedic Astrology works?

From estimating the date of conception to delivery, Hindu Vedic Astrology helps us in many ways. One of those ways is when they suggest a Vedic name for your baby.

So to produce the product, ‘Vedic baby name,’ you can follow any of these two production methods:

Let’s start!

Method 1- Birth Star suggested the baby name

How can I find my baby’s birth star?

You can know your baby’s birth star with the help of her Birth Date and Birth Place.

How is a birth star identified?

For this, they see which star was the moon crossing at the time of birth. Once that star is found, it is then considered a baby’s birth star.

After knowing your baby’s birth star, astrologers refer to a table that consists of letters or syllables allotted to each birth star.

Like for example, if a child’s birth star is Vishakam (or Vishaka), her name could start from any of these syllables:

To, Tae, Too, Te, Ti, Tu, Tee

This list of various letters or syllables is a pre-set list, which one can find in the texts of Vedas.

Method 2- WhenZodiac Sign suggests a name

And you thought zodiacs are for seeing one’s daily horoscope.

There are two types of Zodiac Signs, they are:

  • Sun Sign and;
  • Moon Sign

Meaning of Sun Sign and Moon Sign

Sun Sign means the Sun’s position on any of the Zodiac signs, the time a baby gets born. The same is the case with Moon Sign; it means the Moon’s location on a Zodiac Sign when a baby is born.

Where in the Universe, Zodiac Signs are?

Zodiacs are the constellations ( a group of stars) in astronomy. These clusters of stars forms are known figures in the universe (e.g., Taurus, Leo, Pisces, etc.), and these known figures in astrology are termed as ‘Zodiac Signs.’

So, which type of zodiac sign is for me- Sun Sign or Moon Sign?

See, in astrology, as you know, there are only 12 well-known zodiac signs. Both the Sun and the Moon Sign are together called- Zodiac Signs only. If your Sun Sign is Gemini, then your Moon Sign can be Virgo. Hence, the concepts of Sun Sign and Moon Sign are the same things. But, Indian Astrology prefers finding Moon Sign.

  • So, how does this method work?
  • To find a moon sign, you should know your baby’s:
  • Birth time, birthplace, and birth date, as well.

With the help of the above information, the moon sign of a baby can be found. Once her moon sign is found, a table consisting of letters and syllables belonging to each moon sign is referred to.

  • For example:
  • If your child’s birth moon sign is Virgo, then her name should start with:
  • To, Pa, Pa, Pe, Sha, Thha, Pe, Po
  • This way, a ready list of letters is available for each of the twelve zodiac signs.
  • But that’s not the end….

When finding names with the help of the moon sign, some astrologers take the aid of Numerology, too, to be sure of the name’s accuracy.


First, with the help of numerology, your baby’s ‘Birth Number’ will be calculated. Birth Number is also called a ‘Ruling Number.’ It is a single-digit number that defines your life on Earth. A person’s birth number ranges from 1 to 9. Just like every Moon Sign has a ready list of letters and/or syllables to refer to. In the same way, numbers from 1 to 9 in Numerology contain certain alphabets.

After finding a number, it is seen with which all numbers; her calculated Birth Number’s relation is not good.

Here, the alphabets which belong to number one are:

A, I, J, Q, Y

These alphabets can be included in her name.

Tip: If any of these letters are repeated, i.e., it is included for more than one time in her name’s spelling. Then her name would become luckier for her.

But, number one is not on friendly terms with number eight and six. Therefore, your baby’s name should not contain those alphabets which belong to number eight and six. They are:

  • (P, F) and (W, V, U)
  • How Moon Sign and Numerology work together?
  • From the examples above, if your baby’s moon sign is Virgo and her lucky number is 1.
  • Then we will see the list of syllables that belongs to Virgo.
  • To, Pa, Pa, Pe, Sha, Thha, Pe, Po

Suppose we select ‘To’ from above. After that, we will try to include all those letters belonging to number one, i.e., ‘A, I, J, Q, Y.’

But we won’t include letters like ‘P, F, W, V, and U’ as they belong to number eight and six.

See here, names like ‘Toshi,’ ‘Toshada,’ ‘Toshal’ and ‘Toolika’ are they containing letters- ‘P, F, W, V, and U.’ No.

Since it’s a matter of your baby’s name, we can sense the level of excitement plus confusion you are going through. You want to land yourself upon a place filled with meaningful Hindu baby names. But before starting your search for a rich list of unique Hindu baby names, you should prefer seeking the help of Vedic Astrology. For now, you know, those ‘calculated’ letters are not mere alphabets.

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