Wild animals in visiting circuses banned

The use of wild animals in touring circuses in Wales is banned in a brand new bill.

The Wild Animals and Circuses (Wales) Bill will be laid before the National Assembly on Monday.

It was sponsored in a current session that had more than 6,500 responses.

Welsh Government rural affairs minister Lesley Griffiths stated wild animals must “no longer be exploited for our enjoyment.”

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Powys bans wild circus animals.

The new regulation will make it an offense for a visiting circus’s proprietor to use or permit any other individual to apply a wild animal in a traveling circus.

Anyone convicted of breaking the Law could face an unlimited exception in the courts.

Ms. Griffiths stated wild animals have to be “handled with appreciation.”

“The advent of this bill sends a clear message that this Government and the people of Wales trust this practice to be previous and ethically unacceptable,” she said.

Wild animals in visiting circuses banned 1

However, Thomas Chipperfield, who has worked and executed visiting circuses in the UK, stated the invoice is “a completely intolerant circulate.”

He stated he had owned massive cats for the final eight years. However, he owns African rhinos, a male Bengal tiger, horses, and dogs.

  • “The animals are part of the circle of relatives and suited to this lifestyle,” he stated.
  • “It is what they understand; they don’t fear what they have a company hold close off.”

In his evidence submitted to the assembly committee, Mr. Chipperfield said the difficulty of feral animals in circuses is “no longer a first-rate concern” to the British public.

“It should not come to the point wherein I am stopped from doing a legislative practice,” he added.

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Meanwhile, Claire Lawson of RSPCA Cymru said preserving wild animals in visiting circuses has “no place in contemporary Wales.”

“It’s extraordinary the Welsh Government have taken that on board and acted for those animals,” she stated.

Head of animal welfare and captivity at wildlife charity Born Free Foundation, Dr. Chris Draper, said Wales might join a “long and increasing listing” of countries to prohibit the exercise.

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