Top 10 Practices To Do Email Marketing

Email marketing is a very simple approach that is used for marketing purposes. It is used for delivering the messages regarding advertisement of your products so as to extend your reach to your customers. All of us have email accounts, at least one and hence, we can be easily reached through emails.

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Email marketing is a means through which a large number of online visitors can be connected in a direct fashion at a reasonable cost as compared to that of other ways of marketing. Emails can be a medium by the virtue of which simple advertisements can be formed and delivered or the multimedia messages can be included. The purpose of the advertisement differs; it can be related to your business, or product or the company. Some advertisements are composed of texts whereas others may include images, videos and links.

1.Be mindful about your target audience and categorize it in the right manner

An influencing email message cannot be constructed without the proper knowledge of the target audience. So, it is very important to know which population you want to target upon. For instance, let us assume that you are an online digital marketing training institute which provides different courses to different set of students, therefore, you have to form email messages according to the different students so that they are appropriate to the target population.

2.Make sure to write an effective subject line

The deliverability of emails and the amount of people who opens the mail depends on what you write in the subject lines. A poor subject line leads to the mail ignorance by the customer or may be, the target person can put your email into spam section or you may be able to even be blocked. On the other hand, if you write good and interesting subject line, then your open rates can be highly improved.

To improve your subject lines, you should always mention the target customer’s name in the subject line to make it more personalized. But make sure that you don’t use the idioms of spam such as Free Free Free etc. Keep a note that your description should be short and crisp in the subject line.

3.Images and videos can are more preferable

Images create a more heavy impact on the attention of the readers as compared to that of texts. An ideal email has an appropriate balance of visually appealing images and text. You can maximally include 3-5 images in your email so that the failure of the opening of image is minimized. You can also supplement your email with the video especially in the subject line.

4.Do not make a mistake of buying an email list

You should always use an email list based on authorization and not from the unreliable sources available on the internet. It will surely be a time consuming task to create a fantastic list of emails but it would be worth it. Of course, you don’t want to be called as a spammer!

Also, the population you are targeting may not know you at all, and if you will begin emailing them in an abrupt fashion, then probably it would be irritating for the customers. You can accomplish this step by making a list of companies by industry. Therefore, the email marketing campaigns are created so as to select the target populations, make recognitions of your mails and the whole concept becomes more advanced.

5.Construct the mobile friendly emails

It is found that almost 70% of all the E-mail content can be opened in mobile phones. The increase in mobile checking by the rate of 150 times is observed. Therefore, for the designing of your email campaign, you should be providing the best user experience and the highest priority in mobile; you should come up with the content that is better looking on mobile phones. Make sure that the link you provide should be clicked and the website can be easily opened in mobile phones and loading should be rapid and in order to achieve that, one can use HTML Coding.

6.You should mention the List-Unsubscribe option

By using this method, you can allow your clients to unsubscribe from your email campaign before even clicking an email.

Make the use of these top 6 best email marketing practices to achieve the best results. These tips are very effective in order to increase your visibility to the clients and hence you can gain maximum advantage.

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