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Why Brands Need to Invest in Event Marketing

Almost half of the world’s population uses the Internet today. That’s about 3.2 billion people online from all over the world. Among these, nearly 2.34 billion people use a social networking site, which means billions of people are listening and seeing what you want to say—and that’s a huge opportunity for any brand in any industry.

The inception of the Internet gave industries a new medium to connect with their prospective clients, but it became a widely used medium as time went by. Today, in the modern world, with all these users accessing the Internet, it seems just about every brand has been trying to inject its promotional campaigns into a social networking site or the broader Internet, which is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time.

The Ultimate Guide to Event Marketing

The advantage is that if your brand is catchy and if you’re promoting something significant, you might catch the attention of your viewers. On the flip side, the disadvantage is that 99% of the time, people won’t even notice or care to click on your ad or post, which means your brand will blend into the background.

Put: the main idea of brand promotion is to get people interested in your brand. Ideally, you’re getting visits to your website, or at least people using social sites connect with the messages in your promotional ads and posts.


This vast labyrinth of information on today’s Internet has made consumers highly selective about the products they decide to buy or even the content they want to see. Rewind to a decade ago, and the scenario was completely different: with less content competing for attention, people at least used to see what was going on around the Internet. Companies would get a healthy amount of leads from various sources around the Internet.

The increasing selectiveness of the modern consumer has raised standards for brands. As a result, the focus is less on the product and more on the social marketing approach. In other words, how it’s presented rather than what it is or does.

The market belongs to those who create unique content that resonates with the consumer. As the Internet becomes more entrenched in everyday life and reaches every person worldwide, the competition for better content is also increasing. Today, given this ultra-competitive scenario, it’s essential for brands to stand out and make an impact on consumers. And the best way to do that is through Event Marketing.

So why should anyone use Event Marketing when there’s already a proven form of marketing through the Internet? First, let’s face the bitter truth: when you’re marketing your product digitally, there’s a huge chance that consumers will forget some of the details about your product after just a few days of seeing it. This is the biggest disadvantage of today’s age of digitalization. The impact in people’s minds is not long-lasting since they notice about a hundred similar products floating around the Internet daily.

Even if your product is very appealing, consumers might remember the features or the specs, but it’s less likely they’ll remember the product’s name or the brand behind it.

Consider the term “Recollection Value.” This refers to one’s ability to recall the name of a product after seeing it. Experts say that recollection value is dramatically lower in a digital medium. More often than not, people forget an online ad about a specific product they see. They might like the product and even remember the product’s image, along with its specifications and features, but they don’t know the name.

Contrast that with the traditional marketplace, in which brand recollection is huge. People don’t easily forget the brand name once they have a good experience attached to it.

To make a real impact in consumers’ minds, savvy brands are attaching their names to positive, memorable activities. Their strategy is to encourage consumers to connect themselves to the company name, which ensures they never forget the name of the product.

To accomplish this, companies must arrange activities with the power of impact. They create real, tangible experiences dear to a consumer’s heart, making a positive association between the individual and the product. By creating such an experience, brands encourage consumers to spread their name through social media newsfeeds and share those positive experiences with followers. Event Marketing establishes a bond between brands and consumers that benefits both sides.

Now, just because we’re promoting the idea of event marketing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for digital marketing. But it would help if you strive to balance the number of ads you show on social sites and other online sources with your offline marketing efforts, such as through so-called experiential marketing, event promotions, and tradeshows. The reality is that the Internet is already cluttered with similar ads and content, so diversifying your marketing efforts can help you break through the digital noise.

PNH Solutions is a Canada-based company specializing in event and experiential marketing, with clients worldwide and in multiple industries. Call for a quote or for more ideas to help your brand make a positive impact.

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