Therapy Without Going to an Office? Discover How Talkspace is Transforming the Field of Mental Health

Whether you’re going through a personal challenge or seeking to manage your mental health for the long-term, therapy is an excellent help. Sadly, there are so many hurdles when trying to set up in-person treatment. Everything from how high the price of medicine can be in the States (even a therapist with a sliding fee scale) to the substantial possibility that the therapist you visit isn’t all that good of a match. Ultimately, it’s not that straightforward to make it work.

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Talkspace, a therapy based online, offers “asynchronous” text chat between a licensed psychiatrist. You might’ve noticed before, but maybe you’ve thought that texting would never be as good a replacement as the real deal.

It is a digital health company which seeks to transform the way people obtain therapy. They’ve now chosen their first head chief medical officer, Neil Leibowitz. Neil is entering the position after leaving UnitedHealth Group in New York. There he worked as senior behavioral health director.

Overall, the fact that they are an online therapy provider allows people to access therapy through the web or mobile apps. Taking a divergence from traditional in-person therapy sessions, users can decide to communicate through text messages, on video chats or over the phone. Leibowitz realized as she was in an interview on the phone that a lot of therapists favor the conventional therapy programs. However, the patient-centric strategy of a model like this shows how people can speak with a clinician if they ever feel like they need it, and if it’s a transfer of text messages, they can look back at earlier messages.

What’s fascinating about the decision to hire Leibowitz’s is that the organization represented him in correspondences as someone who is skeptical of internet therapy. He didn’t agree with those perspectives and said he hasn’t completely understood it.

In the new position, Leibowitz stated that he is going to further the company and it’s drive to extend into psychiatry by this year’s end. To do so would mean implementing a process for clients to be evaluated for individual prescriptions. It’s difficult to see how the development would proceed without insurance corporations taking notice and doing something about it. But the plan can still serve to grow the company’s clientele base significantly.

Right now, only Magellan affords compensation for Talkspace support using its Employee Assistance Program. In the future, Leibowitz said that looking forward he would further want Talkspace to cooperate with central care systems. This links into a greater drive by many health tech organizations as with Congress members who understand how crucial it is for specific psychiatric knowledge, like having a history of drug abuse, be combined into computerized health reports so therapists can choose a more intelligent treatment approach. For example, if they identified that the patient was an addict, or someone suffering from depression, they may medicate them with differing prescriptions.


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