Talkspace Plans To Enter New Avenues With New Chief Medical Officer

With mental health awareness becoming more prevalent, newer therapy modes for people in need have begun to surface. Receiving online treatment has become a good alternative for those in need and those facing hurdles when talking to a therapist in person. Online therapy has grown incredibly over the past few years, and one of the companies that are at the forefront of this new development is Talkspace.

Chief Medical Officer

Talkspace is one of the forerunners for app-online therapy options have had, he changed his views. The realization dawned upon him after realizing that people always have different communication methods that they are comfortable with. The younger generation, in particular, is more comfortable talking to people through a computer screen, which is why apps like Talkspace are a big help to those who prefer this means.

As all fields do, the field of therapy and psychiatry is constantly evolving. Technology is now being integrated into the work that therapists are doing. It is definitely leading to a better outcome, not just for the therapists but also for the patients seeking their help.

With Neil Leibowitz now holding a leading position at the company, Talkspace can only expect even greater growth in terms of their work and reach.

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