India Tour of England

Once again, India’s cricket tour will face England in India Tour of England 2018. Glenn McGrath, Australia pace legend believe that this year will become an intense battle between the most powerful player from both sides: Virat Kohli from India and James Anderson from England.

As he told to ICC website, McGrath believed that Kohli might have an upper hand this time, but even so, India can’t rely just on him to beat England this year. We still remember how the Indian captain went into a terrific run in 2014, when he only managed 134 runs and made the team lose the game 1-3. Four years ago, Anderson proved that even Kohli failed the game and most likely, it would happen again this time. Everyone knows Anderson and things he is capable for and beating him will be a tough job for India.


However, it doesn’t mean that India has no chance in beating Anderson and his team. There are other key players that might be able to get the team out of their potentially miserable faith: Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Jasprit Bumrah. They are very skillful players with good control. If there is a chance for India to win the game, they are going to have a decisive role in that. As long as you have the control over the game, the rest is easy.

Bumrah, who recently made his first Test debut earlier this year to South Africa, impressed everyone with his fantastic 14 wickets at 25.21 from 3 games. He has some unique skills that might help India to win the game. Whether or not he will be able to save the team will depend on how many chances he gets to play for the team. If there is too little of them, then his skills won’t help.

How to Enjoy India Tour of England

We are never tired watching the famous India Tour of England as there will be a lot of surprises, like in any international games. There will be tough games and unforgettable moments waiting ahead. Normally, you can watch the games on TV or watch the news to keep yourself updated about the game, but there is a more interesting and ‘profitable’ way to enjoy India Tour of England. You can bet on cricket online and choose to bet on India Tour of England games for a more exciting and profitable experience. Why should you just watch if you can get both the pleasure and money at the same time?

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