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Having Trouble Using VoIP? Try These Tips.

The business scenario is gradually becoming competitive, where companies with smart approaches have the maximum chance to thrive. They require the implementation of advanced technologies in their operations to shed off unproductive hours – be it by reducing person-hours by eliminating redundant work with the help of technologies.

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One such attention-seeking technology is VoIP, which is popular among businesses nowadays. The constant innovation and competition in the market are making these companies seek assistance from VoIP Phone Systems. Therefore, vendors consider it a suitable time to grab such technologies and implement them in their system to improve internal and external management and stand tall against the tough competition in the market.

But these next-generation Virtual Phone Systems involve making many crucial decisions to upgrade to VoIP, such as what kind of hardware to buy, whether to deploy your trunks or go for hosted services, and so on. It may be a straightforward task for certain companies, but companies with a fixed budget must judiciously understand, use, and eliminate various possibilities per their requirements.

Many modern businesses – from corporate companies to small businesses to completely remote offices – are discovering that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers some real advantages over traditional analog phone technology and cost-saving. By using a Virtual Phone Number, businesses may reduce the cost of international calling by up to 90 percent.

So, if you want to improve the productivity and efficiency of your employees and processes, these tips will help you with all Call Center software related problems you’ve been facing:

1. Make Sure the Company’s Internet Connection is Up to the Task

One of the top things to run your Virtual Phone Number smoothly is to ensure that the business has a high-speed broadband Internet connection. Although companies already have their Internet connections, it is important to understand that when companies choose to run VoIP over a slower Internet service (already strained with employees’ devices), they end up with choppy connections, which they blame the VoIP service provider. Still, the real culprit is their burdened Internet connection.

2. Configure the Router QoS for Voice Priority

Another easy way to nail the quality of your calls is to set the Quality of Service (QoS) on your router to prioritize data in the network to voice VoIP traffic. This will ensure that other applications are only given second place when data “bottlenecks” and will ultimately maintain your calls’ integrity by using the bandwidth where it is most needed.

3. Organize Thorough Staff Training:

No matter how much money you spend on your VoIP system, it will eventually come down to understanding those who will use it. Most companies provide manuals to their employees, but they fail to train them about possible problems and methods to confront them as they arise with this shorthand approach. Also, as VoIP Phone Systems have many great features, proper training can encourage employees to create a streamlined, memorable customer experience.

Therefore, to maximize Call Center Software’s potential, the employees’employeesderstand how the hardware, software, and data flow work. Also, outline specific communication procedures and train voice and data staff to work together and communicate as needed.

4. Use Quality Hardware but Don’t Overspend on it

One needs to spend on hardware that addresses such issues to ensure the quality of calls. For example, in mobile devices, your call quality highly depends on the network speed and bandwidth it uses. If your carrier is undergoing heavy congestion on the network, your calls may drop or not even go through. But such issues are not a concern when quality equipment is used. They also enhance audio quality and offer larger screens, conferencing capabilities, shortcut keys, programmable function buttons, etc. Using these features; your employees can improve productivity. However, there are no limitations to spending on the hardware. Therefore, finding an appropriate balance between price, features, and ease of use has to be solved to enjoy the results that are worth it.


Considering the robust growth in today’s market, VoIP teams must acknowledge the numerous prospects awaiting them in the industry. Not only does it enable unsurpassed customer services, but it has also become extremely favorable in promoting brand recognition. So, using these Virtual Phone System tips and tricks, you can find answers to the VoIP troubles you and your team have faced for so long!

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